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ModSquad Leads Customer Experience Innovation with the Creation of Department X

Amy Kennedy

Rich Weil Appointed CXO; Responsible for Services and Programs that Create Exceptional Experiences for Today’s Consumers

SAN FRANCISCO, CA, January 10, 2023 – ModSquad, the global leader in outsourced CX services, announced the creation of Department X. The new organization’s mission is to develop engaging experiences for the company’s clients, employees, and partners. CX industry veteran, Rich Weil, has been promoted from Senior Vice President of Operations to CXO and will lead the new organization.

“Consumers are experiencing brands through many digital channels that make up today’s world. Department X deepens our investment and resources in CX innovations, best practices, and services. This ensures our clients create excellent experiences with their audiences and consumers,” said Amy Pritchard, CEO and Founder of ModSquad. “Rich’s understanding of how technology and human ingenuity can create moments that matter for consumers is exactly what is needed to lead this team.”   

Department X is responsible for ensuring quality services and client satisfaction for ModSquad’s range of CX services. The organization’s scope will include best-in-class training and support for the company’s global network of Mods, who are at the heart of its award-winning services. Whether it is support, moderation, trust and safety, community, or social engagement, ModSquad is the leader in creating authentic and meaningful experiences for its clients’ stakeholders – customers, employees, partners, and communities. 

“I’ve worked with Rich and ModSquad many times and ModSquad is always an extension of our team, representing our brand and values in every engagement they have with our players,” said Rebecca Newton, Head of Digital Safety & Community at SuperAwesome, an Epic Games company. “They have always been at the forefront of new CX approaches, and we trust Department X will challenge the status quo, helping us stay ahead of the trends with modern CX that delights our players and helps us grow.”

Watch this brief introduction video to meet Rich and learn more about Department X:

“Many companies believe CX services like customer support, moderation, engagement, and community management as having one formula for success. Nothing could be farther from the truth,” said Rich Weil, CXO at ModSquad. “Whether it is a matter of process, changing trends, or new technology, it’s crucial to evolve and examine one’s CX strategy and tactics constantly. At ModSquad, we are uniquely positioned to see these changes coming down the pike and make our clients aware of them. I am honored to lead the team in charge of helping our clients manage these changes and maximize their investment in CX.”

Metaverse CX Pioneer Turns 15 and Continues Its Industry-Leading Work

The world has changed dramatically since 2007 when ModSquad, formerly Metaverse Mod Squad, was founded in the early days of the metaverse. The company pioneered the work-from-home movement, which opened opportunities to tap into an amazing workforce from all corners of the earth. When the pandemic put many companies in reactive mode to figure out how to stay engaged with their customers, partners and audiences, ModSquad offered proven processes and services that resulted in business resiliency for its clients. Even in unprecedented socio-economic times when most companies were taking a conservative approach to new developments, the company leaned into staying ahead of trends with services aimed at safety and security. The introduction of Cubeless, a patent-pending solution to secure remote work, including client and customer data, has helped companies adapt faster to hybrid and remote work environments. Now with Department X, the company continues pioneering CX services.

About ModSquad

ModSquad leads the Customer Experience (CX) Service industry. Top global brands turn to us for customer support, content moderation, trust and safety, community management, and social media services. Since 2007, we’ve been reinventing traditional outsourcing. We embraced remote and steered clear of cubicles in soulless call centers. We secure our distributed team with Cubeless, our patent-pending security platform. We deploy our services by the hour rather than saddle you with inefficient FTEs. And our Mods are so experienced and empathetic it isn’t fair to call them “agents” — so we don’t. We are the Mods!

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