You know you’re a mod when…


If you spend time surfing the net, you know there are tons of “You know you’re a [insert identifier] when….” So, I thought: why not make one for our most mysterious (and wonderful, and rewarding) profession?

Ladies and gentlemen, I present to you: You know you’re a Mod when…


  • Your nearest colleague is probably 600 kilometers away, but you get along and chit-chat as if you were sitting side by side.
  • In your team, so many different time zones are represented that you never know if you have to greet saying “Good morning” or “Good evening.”
  • You’ve been greeted by your project manager or colleagues with a 9GAG image or a gif. Multiple times.
  • Your typical “work background noise” isn’t keyboard-typing, or phones ringing – it’s your kids playing, your dogs barking, and your dishwasher running.
  • urlYou’ve worked in your jammies at least once…. a day.
  • Cuddling your pet while you work is the best stress-reliever. Ever.
  • You have received so many, “Oh, come and visit me, I’d love to meet you!” invitations by your colleagues from all over the world, that you’ll need two lifetimes to visit them all for real.
  • You’ve actually traveled to some unknown destination to stay at your colleague’s place!
  • You accidentally learned one or more words in a foreign language by working in a multi-language team.
  • 3886337471_4117fd9aacYou know everything about the conference call function in Skype.
  • You know all the most recent trends in social networks.
  • Coffee is your best friend, and closest confidant. Snacks are a close second.
  • You do and learn something new every day, and interact with lots of different people you could have never met with a traditional job.
  • You’ve already worked from a beach resort, or fancy hotel, because your schedule is so fantastic, and your working tools can fit in a bag.
  • You love all the perks your job has, and would never go back to a nine to five one!

And you?
What would you add to the list?

Lara Greco
Bilingual Mod