UEFA Euro 2016 Has Our Global Team Cheering


If you are a sports fan, you know that UEFA Euro 2016 is in FULL effect. Whether you call it soccer or football, it is one of the most exciting sports on the planet (ok, so that’s my opinion, but it is). My father played for 25 years. I grew up watching local matches and getting caught up in the sportscasters’ excitement. Remember this year’s Iceland win? The excited Icelandic sportscaster could be heard around the world!

Here at ModSquad, we are a global thread of Mods and lovers of sports. We reached out to Mods across the world to get their firsthand account of how they will be enjoying the UEFA games. Take a peek at how some of our Mods are taking in the UEFA Euro 2016 matches.


Will you be watching the matches this week and upcoming weekend?

Of course I do! I watch football every time I have the chance to.” -Kevin TrostdorfSnapchat-8755787601817775512

“I have been trying to watch all games since the beginning! Football is life, football is love! After the end of the National Championship and Champions League, we footballs fans become like orphans. But then, we brace ourselves for Euro 2016 with hope and renewed excitement.” -Abdu Samad Syed

“Of course! We’re down to the quarter-finals, and that’s terribly exciting! No way you can miss it! :D” -Tanya Brandi

“Of course! Me, my sister Eva and my mother always follow all the UEFA matches from the qualifying rounds to the final.” -Anna Galletta

“I don’t usually watch football (or, like we call it in Italy, calcio), but it’s impossible not to know what’s going on in the matches.” -Lara Greco

icke“YES! I am watching the UEFA Euro since it starts, almost every game. If I cannot manage to watch a game, I watch the highlights. I love to watch football (soccer) even in the normal season here in Germany.” –Chantal Bigall

I’ve just watched the first and (most probably) final match of this competition.” Elena Pedoto

Who are you rooting for?

Up until now I would have said Iceland, since it is refreshing to see that a team with almost no professional players can come so far in the tournament… but unfortunately they are at the moment 2:0 behind against France.” -Kevin Trostdorf

I’m usually watching the game at home, for the exception, of course, of the opening of the Euro 2016 and France first match taking place in my city – Paris. I just couldn’t miss going to the stadium! It was such madness in the stands during the whole game. The last 10 minutes were simply AWESOME: we were all yelling, supporting our team until we lost our voices, especially when Dimitri Payet scored for France the victory goal 1 minute before the end!” -Abdu Samad Syed

“GERMANY! We will be the UEFA Euro Champion 2016, you will see 😉 And Iceland. This guys are AMAZING!”Uefa support -Chantal Bigall

Italy, of course! 😉 But since my boyfriend is a Viking, we’ll be rooting for Iceland too!” -Chiara Pichierri

Obviously, I was rooting for Italy.” Elena Pedoto

“Italy! And Iceland ;D” -Anna Galletta

“I am rooting for Italy (of course, ehehe), but also for some of those countries nobody usually believes in. Go, Iceland! You’re doing amazing!” -Lara Greco

The reason I am rooting Iceland even though I am German is really simple. Denmark has not qualified. Now I do believe that for someone who does not know me, this statement makes no sense at all ;-). My dad was Danish, so I always cheer Denmark in any international things from football, to Olympic Games, to Eurovision song contest. Whenever Denmark is not involved like this time, I replace them with a country from the area. I am not too keen on the Swedish team, plus a friend of mine is the bassist of the world famous band Pollapönk which is an Icelandic band, so decision of whom to replace Denmark was really simple for me.-Regina Weiss

I’ve got Italian and Belgian blood, so of course, I’m going have to root for both of them! If I’m very, very lucky, they’ll both get to the final. One can dream 🙂” -Tanya Brandi

Where do you watch the games? Home? Pub?

I watched the past games mostly at home, but the games next week I will watch probably at a pub or public viewing.” -Kevin TrostdorfDarwinIT

I always watch the game at home, with my sister and my mother. My dog Darwin always sleeps around the area the TV is in but when there’s a goal and we start shouting, he jumps up and looks at us wondering what happened. We’re pretty loud fans! -Anna Galletta

I’ve watched the game at my place, with friends!” Elena Pedoto

“We will watch the final either in our flat or with neighbours. We will do a BBQ before in the garden, but if it’s raining I will prepare an indoor picnic for us. I will of course cheer for Iceland. ;-)” -Regina Weiss

Usually at home, or in one of MANY public places where the matches are aired in Italy! Train stations, public squares, airports etc. UEFA Euro Championships are a huge thing here! 😉 Talking about airports, two days ago I was in Berlin, waiting for my flight, and I watched Italy vs. Spain with the other people waiting for the same plane. It was so fun!-Lara Greco

I am watching mostly at home, alone or with friends. I only watched one game on the public viewing here in town. It is common here to watch the match at a public viewing. Thousands of people, one big screen and all are making a big party while the match. When Germany scores, all are happy and screaming. I love that. Good example is Berlin which is hosting the biggest public viewing in Germany.” -Chantal Bigall

“Gotta stay at home for them! Best to watch it with the entire family cheering :)” -Tanya Brandi

Thank you to Charlotte, Lara, Tanya, Chantal, Kevin, Regina, Chiara, Anna, Elena and Abdu for your contributions and sharing the love of the game.

Have you been tuning into this year’s Championship? Leave a comment to let us know who you’re rooting for!

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