The best call center location for 2023


Where is the best place to look for call centers this year? 

The best call center isn’t in India.

The best call center isn’t in the Philippines. 

The best call center isn’t in Georgia – neither the state nor the country.

You see, the best call center isn’t in a specific geographic location. 

In fact, it isn’t a call center at all.

{{{ mind blown }}} 

Let’s back up.

A long, long time ago – like in the 60s – people invented the call center. Not long after, call centers started popping up offshore.  And then the race was on.

See, as soon as one call center found its spot, other call centers popped up. This drove up rents and labor rates until the location became oversaturated. Then, the call center folks would start looking for a new spot, and the cycle begins again.  

That’s why you’re here, right?  

You don’t want to get stuck. You don’t want to commit to an oversaturated market where costs will continue to rise, and sourcing the right team will become increasingly slow and difficult. 

You want to be on the cutting edge, not lagging behind. So here’s the hot tip.

The best call center in 2023 is remote.

Distributed teams are the modern way to deliver high-quality, cost-effective customer support and content moderation.

You don’t need a building with cubicles in a remote land. You need the best technology run by the best possible team. 

The technology is already in the cloud – no co-location required.

So where are those experts you are looking for? Are they all in Mumbai? Are they all within commuting distance from Tbilisi? No. 

They are all over the world. The planet – that’s the largest possible talent pool.  

Why would you settle for less when there’s a better, more cost-effective, higher-quality alternative? 

And if you do search for an alternative, here’s another tip: beware of the hub and spoke model. 

There’s real remote (a globally distributed team) and fake remote (agents attached to a geographically bound call center who get to work from home occasionally). Fake remote inherits all the problems of co-location: the oversaturation and failure to offer any real business continuity.  

If you want to hear more about the modern alternative to the call center, give us a shout.  We’ll give you a tour of what the whole world has to offer.