Ten Years of Thank Yous – Extra Life 2023


Ten years, 100,000+ reasons to smile. We couldn’t be more proud of Team ModSquad as we raised $104,000+ for the Children’s Miracle Network Hospitals in our 10th annual Extra Life.

If there was a theme in this year’s Extra Life, it was that it takes a village to make a difference. That’s why we’re grateful for our village and all that ModSquad has done over the past ten years. 

We’ve come a long way. Year one, Extra Life was the pursuit of a handful of Mods who raised $2,105 for the cause. Now, a decade later, this team has grown to encompass Mods around the world. We gamed for 25 hours straight and ranked 4th in fundraising out of 2800 teams globally. 

Let’s take a look at our tenth anniversary of Extra Life. 

Special Guests Show Their Support for the Cause

For the second year, we were joined by special guests who truly drove home the important work that the Children’s Miracle Network Hospitals do, and how Extra Life supports their mission of health and healing. 

We began with Dr. Jim Marcin, Director of the Center for Health and Technology, who has a special message: Thank you. Thank you to everyone involved.

We were also joined by Casey Dyke, the 2021 CMN at UC Davis Champion, who spoke about how advancements can make hospitals just a little less scary.

Our First-ever Gaming Tournament Ended with a BANG!

Two weeks. About a dozen competitors. One game of FPS chess. It all came down to one battle between Josh and Fehr, battling a rook vs a King, and the rook took it! It was a resounding win for Josh, who proved himself to be the ULTIMATE ModSquad FPS Chess champion!

Taskmaster Brought Laughs!

Another annual tradition is our yearly Exec Game, where we recreate game shows with our own execs in the hot seats. This year, Mike P. hosted as the Taskmaster, who conjured up weird and wacky challenges for our team to overcome. In the clip below, we see the team trying to make peppermint towers with… unique results.

Of course, there were games

From Jackbox, to Deducto, to Unpacking, there were games galore over the course of our 25-hour stream! 

Our Ops Centers got in on the action

That’s right! Extra Life isn’t just in America. Ops centers from Derry N. Ireland and Costa Rica both joined the fun with games and challenges of their own.

Finally, there were challenges galore! Tons and tons of challenges!

Ashley joined us for challenges, describing her experience as a ‘Year of Tears.’

Ann showed us a new soda-drinking technique by sampling two extreme-tasting drinks, ranch and buffalo, at the same time.

Even David W. got in on the action, taking not 1, not 2, but 3 pies to the face.

Ryan also got a drive by pie to the face. Courtesy of their annual 25 hour Extra Life party!

Thank you all

Thanks to our donors, auctioneers, sponsors and clients who donated to the cause, and of course our CEO Amy. We would especially like to thank everyone who donated in memory of Beth, our VP of Sales Operations who recently lost her battle with cancer. She loved Extra Life and was one of our biggest supporters. 

For everyone who was involved in any capacity, we want to thank you. You made this year a huge success. You helped make things better for the kids in our children’s hospitals. 

Thank you for being a part of our village.

Oh, and we’ll see you next year!