Simplifying Life with Apps like @Wegmans


As a mom trying to juggle work and family, I’m always looking for ways to simplify things. Technology is always one of my greatest allies.  Online shopping is fantastic, but there are times when I must brave the great outdoors and physically visit stores.  I have found, over the course of the last few “app” boom years, that a hybrid middle-ground can be attained, where I can combine in-store shopping with the conveniences of technology.  It is becoming more and more popular for retail stores to have their own app for shopping convenience.

unnamedOne of my favorite apps is for Wegmans Supermarkets. By using their app, I am able to create a list of the items they have in stock, price of the items, and find the aisle they’re located in — prior to my arrival to the store.  I cannot tell you how helpful this can be for budgeting costs and time!  (Particularly, if you have small children, you know what I’m talking about with the importance of time management & efficiency… those cool little automobile shopping carts can only amuse for so long.)

Other apps I find myself leaning on include:

  • Old Navy: provides discounts, new & in stock inventory, size information, store locations, and bar code scans.
  • Bed, Bath, & Beyond: Create orders or home delivery or in-store pick up, see special offers and discounts, manage gift registries, find product availability, and read customer reviews of products.
  • Lowes: In-store maps and item location, orders, reviews, store locations, view in-stock inventory, check balance on gift cards, and review my online purchase history.

unnamed-1The ability to order from my app to be picked up really saves me time.  Although, don’t get me started on the impulse buying — which I’m often guilty of in my downtime (I’m looking at you, Trader Joe’s and your super cool app!).

It has become clear that in today’s society, retailers are harnessing the power of digital technology to reach to buyers in ways never before explored. And, whether it’s using social media to inform customers of sales, new products, promotions, etc., or using apps to help ease the shopping experience, it is quite evident that these digital experiences are becoming vital tools for retailers.  Personally, I cannot wait to see how they continue to evolve!

Laura Sperber
Assistant Project Manager