Short and Sweet: A Look at the Vine App


“So, what do you think of that Vine app?” has been the single most popular question I’ve faced in the past 3 months (besides “can I get your number” …ok, so I wish).

As a Social Media Manager, I’m always being asked for my opinion on the latest social networking apps, regardless of how great or “meh” they are. But when Twitter introduced Vine to the masses in February, I’ve had everyone from clients to my technologically challenged girlfriend knocking at my head. That said, I’ve decided it’s about time to step up to the plate and explain what Vine is, who’s using it, and how you can leverage it for your brand.

Since the Dawn of Vine…

pic1 Vine is a social-video app by Twitter that allows users to create and share videos up to six seconds in length. You can interact with Vine videos by “liking” them, commenting on them, or sharing them on social networks such as Facebook. Since its launch in January of this year, Vine has seen rapid growth, with 2,324 videos being uploaded every hour! On April 9th, Vine claimed the number one free app in the iOS App Store.

Vine’s broad user base includes everyone from celebrities, such as Jimmy Fallon and Tyra Banks, to major brands like General Electric and Calvin Klein. Even the White House has taken to the Vine craze! Although its only currently available for iOS devices, Twitter’s new app is growing very big, very fast. Like with most great social media apps, Vine can be used as an excellent tool for brands looking to add some creative pizzazz to their marketing efforts.

Video Thrilled the Marketing Star!

picture2According to ComScore, 89 million people in the United States are going to watch 1.2 billion online videos today. Video is much more dynamic and easier to absorb than lines of text or even photos. That said, it’s no wonder why brands such as USA Today, Urban Outfitters, and Taco Bell are incorporating Vine into their marketing strategies. Here’s how some brands are leveraging Vine to connect users with their content and what you can take from it:


USA Today wisely uses Vine to virtually “thumb through” the hottest stories of their daily paper. In a similar fashion, Urban Outfitters uses Vine to showcase its vast array of products. These are excellent examples of how Vine can be used to summarize your brand’s offerings. Whether it’s media or a tangible product that you’re selling, Vine’s dynamic use of video clipping will allow you to creatively display the highlights of your brand.


Vine gives “shout if from the mountaintops” a whole new meaning. When it comes to debuting exciting releases from your brand, Vine can be used to spice up your creativity and add some dynamic depth to your message. Taco Bell first announced its much-buzzed-about Cooler Ranch Taco with a fun Vine video. Elusive music act Daft Punk also took to Vine when it came to debuting the tracklist of their highly anticipated album Random Access Memories. Vine’s short but sweet videos let you add movement to your message without ever compromising creativity.

Fun Branding

Like with all great social networks, Vine strategies are meant to be fun. Social media is about expression – so get creative and express your brand’s image! Trident likes it Vine videos to be lighthearted, fun, and reflective of its brand message. The opportunities are endless, as you can always give users a behind-the-scenes look at your brand, like Calvin Klein does, or follow in Malibu Rum’s footsteps and give users ideas of how to use your product/service.

picture3It’s no secret that video is an incredibly effective way to communicate with users. Vine allows brands to creatively harness the power of video and build a strong social community around sharing content. While Vine is young and currently limited to iOS devices, its rapid growth indicates a promising future. Many notable brands have already used Vine as medium for major marketing efforts and we can only expect this trend to snowball. This is a good thing for brands and users alike – as these short and potent videos avoid the pitfalls of digging through tedious text for a message.

Feeling a little tangled in Vine? Metaverse is always on standby to ramp up your video strategy from 0 to 4 stars. Contact us to learn how we can build and engage your online community on this up and buzzing social network!

Vincent Grippi
Social Media Manager