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5886232170_77cd6e9e7d_oThanks to Facebook’s most recent changes, brands are now allowed to legally run contests directly on their fan page timelines. As a social media manager, this news couldn’t have come any sooner.

Facebook contests not only help you increase the visibility of your page and posts, but they also allow you to increase the engagement of your current fans. Due to Facebook’s algorithm, every time a fan likes or interacts with a post on your page, that information is used to determine the type of content that fan would like to see most, giving you additional brand visibility.

Top 5 ways a Facebook contest can be beneficial for your brand:

  • Collect entries by asking fans to leave feedback about a new product.
    Example: “We’re launching a brand new menu item next week. Comment below and tell us what you would like to see added for a chance to win a free meal!”
  • Give away coupons for your products as a prize to not only generate more sales but also attract entries whom are interested in your merchandise.
  • Collect customer images for future marketing by requiring an image for an entry.
    Example 1: “Comment ‘Coupon’ below and automatically win 20% off of your next purchase. Leave your comment before 5pm PST tomorrow to win!”
    Example 2: “Enter for a chance to win my newest book by uploading an image to this page of you reading your favorite in the series!”
  • Collect positive testimonials for future marketing by requiring a short story or description on why they enjoy your product.
    Example: “Leave a comment below telling us why you love our shampoo for a chance to win a $50 gift set!”
  • Ask users to simply like or share the post for an entry to gain maximized exposure of your product and brand page.
    Example: “Share this post and automatically be entered to win a $100 gift card to our store. We will be selecting a random winner at 5pm PST on Friday!”

A_red_and_white_'WIN'_button_from_President_Gerald_R._Ford's_1974_'Whip_Inflation_Now'_economic_initiativeThe primary way consumers discover new brands and products is through social media channels such as Facebook, Twitter, Google+ and Pinterest. Metaverse Mod Squad helps our clients harness the power of these outlets to not only build fans and gain consumers but to increase the loyalty and engagement of their current customers too.

So, be sure to share this post for a chance to win… additional engagement for our blog! 😉

Rebekah Good
Social Media Manager