Setting Our Sights for 2019


New year, new you! It’s officially 2019, and we all know what that means: making resolutions for the year ahead. As a company, our goals are always to impress and satisfy our amazing clients and to continue to serve more great brands through digital engagement. And of course, we’re all making individual resolutions as well.

In the spirit of the New Year, we asked some folks at ModSquad to share what goals they’ve set for themselves for 2019. Read on to see what they’re hoping to accomplish this year.

“Improve the lives of all I come in contact with. Also, eat more cheese… Way more cheese.” –Kenny P., California

“Potty train my daughter!” –Miranda H., Tennessee

“My number one goal is to read more books! I only completed one in 2018, so it shouldn’t be too hard to exceed that. My number two goal is to MOVE more! Just get out and get some more exercise! Maybe downgrade my couch potato status just a bit.” –Gina M., California

“Spend more time experiencing new things with my family rather than surrounding ourselves with material things.” –Danielle G., Florida

“I want to continue to get my mind and body into better health, plus start and finish my medical coding and billing online course.” –Matt W., Tennessee

“Quit smoking (really this time), and take my dogs on more walks on their favorite nature trail.” –Ali S., Pennsylvania

“This year will be a good one, I’m sure of it. Will be doing BIG things and making a new life.” –Linda B., Tennessee

“I plan to finally move forward on some long-time goals. I have notes for two manuscripts that I have carried around for years, so I plan to write for at least 30 minutes each day. I have joined a writers group on the Meetup app, and sharing our work is part of the meetings, so I will be glad to have some accountability. I also plan to go back to grad school and finish the PhD that I abandoned years ago. No time like the present!” –Olivia L., Tennessee

“In 2019 I want to continue to improve myself, as I always do. For my resolutions, I have a 50-pound weight loss goal, or more if I can swing it. I also want to finish a 1:12-scale dollhouse I’ve been slowly working on for the last year and a half.” –Jessica D., Georgia

“Take a cruise to the Western Caribbean, start live streaming on Twitch, and get back into roller skating/rollerblading as a hobby.” –Sarah C., Pennsylvania

“I like to keep my resolutions simple and realistic. Fill out a daily planner/to-do list (fell out of this habit in 2018), do more journaling, get more sleep.” –Geneva H., California

“I want to get my recently new-to-me van set up for camping in time for the return of longer days and warmer weather. I also intend to finally start either or both of the two novels I’ve been plotting in my head for eons. I’m planning on continuing my already-established healthy eating regimen, and I fully expect to document all of the above through Facebook and blogging.” –Ellen B., Oregon

“I’m going to stop smoking!” –Janice W., Illinois

“I want to improve my physical fitness and singing skills again, after two important surgeries. I feel like I am at the top of a mountain after a long hike. And now I can see from the top all the world clearly again. My hopes are to be healthy, fit, and happy, or at least maintaining a positive attitude and reach new goals with my job and life. I also plan to take C1 for Russian, Polish, Japanese (currently I’m at level B1).” –Marco S., Poland

“My first goal is to get married (date is set for November!). I also want to travel more and start streaming more regularly.” –Peter M., Northern Ireland

“I’m hoping to progress at ModSquad, start a relationship before I’m 30, be better at attending university classes and budget my spending better.” –Chelsea D., Austria

We also asked people to share a single word they feel embodies their hopes for 2019. Here are just some of ones they shared:

Whatever goals you’re setting for yourself this year, you have our full support at ModSquad. And if those goals happen to be something like “Improve my brand’s social media presence” or “Increase customer satisfaction,” you know we can support you there too.