Reducing Our Impact on Earth Day… and Every Day


ModSquad is populated with a diverse group of individuals, but we’ve definitely got more than our share of environmentally conscious folks among us. (And with our remote model, our choice of jobs is a great start toward being environmentally responsible!) From watching water usage to recycling, when it comes to being mindful of the resources we consume, every little bit adds up. Whether you’ve been meaning to start being more cognizant of how you treat the environment, or are looking for additional ways to lessen your impact on the planet, we have some inspiration for you.

Here are some examples of how the folks at ModSquad do their part to care for our environment.

Earth Day at ModSquad“I have replaced all my light bulbs (inside and out) with LED bulbs, and I use surge protectors with single on/off switches so I can prevent multiple devices from using electricity when not in use. I also don’t use air conditioning in the summertime, opting instead for open windows, breezes, and ceiling and floor fans for air circulation. I don’t drink bottled water, but instead use water either from my filtered water pitcher or straight from the tap. Last year I purchased an energy- and water-efficient washing machine which checks the water level based on the amount of clothes in the bin instead of just auto-filling to the same level every time.”
— Laura A., Wisconsin

“We’ve replaced all of the light bulbs in our home with energy-efficient bulbs. We’ve also installed smart motion-detector light switches that turn the lights on and off automatically when someone enters or leaves a room.”
— Jemimah S., Georgia

Earth Day at ModSquad“We live in Boulder, and the city makes it easy and convenient to recycle and compost. We do our part by tossing our food scraps into a separate compost bin, which is then picked up by the city. We also try to limit our use of paper towels by using rags and towels for nearly everything. Finally, we recently purchased some reusable produce bags to cut back on the number of plastic bags we get at the grocery store.”
— Caroline M., Colorado

“My family and I have ‘Earth Hour’ twice a week. We turn off all the lights and electronics in our home for at least an hour (sometimes a little more). We take that time to play board and card games together, read books, or work on special activities or crafts that are related to helping the kids learn more about making a positive impact on the environment.”
— Hazel D., Virginia

What are you doing to reduce your carbon footprint and make a positive difference to our environment? Let us know in the comments section below.