Project Manager of the Quarter – January 2023


Do we stop learning? If you ask our most recent Project Manager of the Quarter, that answer is a very firm, “Noe!” Driven by a desire to know and learn more, his skills go beyond project management. His approach to leadership is all about community, communication, and commitment, and today we’re excited to profile Noe L.!

Noe first joined ModSquad six years ago, starting his journey as a contractor. A former manager at his previous job, he quickly settled into a rhythm of digesting workflows and helping colleagues. Eventually, his hard work and penchant for going the extra mile led him to apply for and get the position of Assistant Project Manager, then Project Manager. 

As a Project Manager, Noe stresses he works to raise his team up, ensuring that every Mod has the resources and support to be successful. “I sincerely hope to help people surpass me in status and success in life. There are so many insanely talented people that I wish to see take on the world with their passions.”

Even in moments where a Mod could do better, he sees it as a learning opportunity and chance to grow. That, he believes, is part of working as a team. He tells his Mods, “I’m here to ensure you can do your job to the best of your ability.” 

He describes this role as a comfort zone for himself. Helping people and answering questions is where he feels the most at ease. That’s why, as a Project Manager, Noe believes strongly in the difference between a leader and a boss. “A leader is an example in the front, and a boss directs from behind. You’ll need both of those skills at different times, and with different people.”

If his leadership skills aren’t enough, Noe is known for his technical prowess as well. For those who tuned in to Extra Life, you might be familiar with Noe’s work. Between his regular duties as a Project Manager, he spends much of the year helping to manage Extra Life’s extensive tech needs.

“Extra Life is just one day.” Noe says about the event, “But what people don’t realize is that an entire year goes into planning for that day.” It may seem like a lot of time, but technical needs are always changing. Noe’s ability to stay on task but be flexible, helped to make the last few years the most impactful that they’ve ever been. 

Everyone has to log off eventually, though, and Noe likes to decompress with his wife, her family, and their small zoo of pets. A total of four dogs and four cats make their lives filled with love and extra fluff! 

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