Project Manager of the Quarter – April 2023


A workflow wizard is what Sam W. has been called. That’s right, our latest Project Manager of the Quarter knows the ins and outs of taking a client concept and turning it into actionable procedures for Mods to follow. We can’t make the magic for clients without good processes in place. 

For Customer Service projects especially, which Sam excels at, a solid workflow is critical to customer satisfaction. A well organized plan of action means that Mods are able to answer questions and resolve complaints quickly, accurately, and with client expectations in mind. 

Sam credits strong organizational skills as the key to being able to take a request and turn it into a roadmap to success. She emphasizes that Customer Service is as important as the product itself. And as a Project Manager, one of her main goals is driving excellence by connecting with customers in an empathetic, human voice. 

Human connections are at the heart of customer service, and by using resources smartly through well-crafted workflows, Mods can deliver those connections. 

As someone who understands the importance of empathy in CS, it should come as no surprise that Sam also strives to add humanity to her management style. “I make it my personal goal to really get to know my clients and Mods. I know their tone, when we can joke and laugh, and when we need to get down to business.”

Mods and clients alike listen because Sam has the experience and knowledge on a range of topics. She came to ModSquad with years of working as a freelancer under her belt, searching for a career that was accessible to her, as a wheelchair-bound person. 

This search led her to ModSquad, where she started as a Mod on a project that would become very special to her. Over the years she went from working on that project, to eventually applying for and leading it as the PM. Those who work with her credit this ongoing success to her organizational skills and willingness to help. But you don’t have to ask us, let’s let the people she works with speak for themselves! 

“Sam constantly goes above and beyond, especially with some of the new tools that have been added recently. This past quarter she has been a rockstar in assisting other departments and fellow PMs. She discovered several things with the tools that have helped out immensely with documentation, training, and getting the tool makers to update and add additional functionality. She runs projects flawlessly and consistently hits every target.” – Halsey B.

“Her ability to use tools to the limit is tremendously helpful. And as always, she is great at running projects and clients love her.” – Michael M.

“Gotta give it to Sam for her support in platform testing, sharing best practices, and being an incredible resource for teams across ModSquad.” – Louis B.

Organization, critical thinking, testing, and more, all define how Sam works, but her home life is just as interesting. She lives with her husband, a former high-school sweetheart, and their two children, two dogs, and her daughter’s cat. They enjoy spending time together, and Sam and her husband are known to watch shows and movies, with a passion for the odd and unusual.

The big heart that we’ve gotten to know Sam for in this article also applies to her home life and hobbies. She adores crafts, and she puts her passion to work to help others by crafting jewelry that is accessible for disabled people. No matter what the activity, she always finds a way to add a bit more humanity and empathy.

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