Novelty Accounts to Brighten Your Social Feeds


Over 8,000 tweets and nearly 1,000 Instagram photos are sent every second (on average). With so many people posting, it can be hard to know who’s worth following. We’ve gathered up some of the Twitter and Instagram accounts that always stop our scroll.

If your social media feeds need some fresh new content, you’ll want to check these out:


Not your grandmother’s Twitter account… or maybe it is. You can rely on Myrna Tellingheusen for her hot takes on current events, whether from the news or from her book club. It’s probably a good thing her friends aren’t on Twitter to see what she’s saying about them (or how she’s using hashtags#). You can also follow her live-in nephew, Lyle.

Have you ever looked at your dog and thought, “I wonder what he’s thinking right now?” Thoughts of Dog answers that question. Like any popular Twitter account, it shares one person’s (dog’s) feelings that many can relate to.


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Anyone who’s met a tuxedo cat can attest they’re full of personality. Cheeto is no different. With a distinct style and a slightly Andy Warhol-esque feel, Cheeto’s Instagram features some of the most creatively posed cat photos you’ll find on the platform.

While he calls Baltimore’s Inner Harbor home, Mr. Trash Wheel reaches a global community of fans who eat up his spicy memes like he eats up trash. Mr. Trash Wheel’s tweets spread environmental awareness while promoting the importance of reducing waste and increasing googly eye use.


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If you thought posting food photos on Instagram and eating avocado toast were the pinnacles of Millennial culture, Stuff On Toast is kind of like if if those two things had a baby. Fair warning: if you’re not hungry when you start browsing this account, you will be soon after.

When he joined Twitter, he was but the learner. Now he is the master. The Dark Lord of the Sith doesn’t tweet as often as we wish he would, but when he does, it’s full of satirical goodness that any Star Wars fan can appreciate.

If you’ve ever looked at an inanimate object and thought, “That kind of looks like a face,” you are not alone. Faces in Things shares the personalities hidden in everything from pant legs to puzzle pieces. On a related note, this is part of the phenomenon called pareidolia. There’s your $2 word for today.


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Don’t fancy dogs or cats? How about a perfectly pleasant pig? This is my best friend Hank, who you should follow if you enjoy cute animals. And if you don’t enjoy cute animals, we honestly have some questions.

Who needs a watch when you can just check the time on Twitter? Big Ben announces the time it at the top of every hour, just like the real thing. Note: don’t forget to add/subtract hours if you don’t live in London.

Muppets fans rejoice: there is an entire corner of the internet in which each of Muppet has its own Twitter account. Gonzo’s comprises exactly the loony entertainment you would expect from him.

We could go on forever with a list of our favorite social accounts. What are some of yours? Share them in the comments, or tweet them to us @modsquad so we can follow them, too.