My Relationship with Time


unnamedIt has been said that All great achievements require time (Maya Angelou). I am sure we’ve all had moments when we wished that there were more hours in the day.  Have you ever day-dreamed about how you would use those extra hours if it were possible?  Paddle boarding out on the lake, anyone? Maybe more sleep?  Such things seem like luxuries.

Are you able to take time out of your day to do activities that you really love, and want to do?  What if I were to tell you, such things can be possible!

unnamed-1In a 24/7 industry such as ours, it is imperative that we plan ahead for the knowns and unknowns of the work day, as well as personal time.  This may seem idealistic to some, but despite the (sometimes chaotic) challenge of balancing a demanding work life and a busy personal life, it can be done!  It just takes goals, plans, and some necessary time management.

We’ve previously shared tips to time and work management in the past, such as:

In addition to all of the usual digital time management tools and the tips provided above, I have found something that has proven to work best for me — Passion Planner.

inspirational-quotes-3_zps809af04cI found this awesome product while browsing through projects on Kickstarter one day, and it has changed my life! Passion Planner is a paper planner that balances functionality, personal reflection, and goal-setting in one strategic place. It also motivational quotes, which I love.

Even with the digital help of Passion Planner, I still love putting pen to physical parchment to ensure that I am on track. For me, writing things down is the first step to making planned tasks real.  My day always starts with a list.  Well, two lists to be exact. One for my work task and one for my personal tasks.

I also take it a step further, and more long range.  In addition to my daily To Do lists, I also create daily, monthly, and yearly goals for myself – again, both personally and professionally.  In my world, planning and prioritizing is the only way that I can achieve everything that I want to do.  I must manage my time accordingly, and I need to keep in mind that – for as much as I’d love planning to be concrete – it’s always a work in progress.

Here are some things that I have learned along the way for managing time:

  • Find the time management tool that works best for you (be it an app, a notebook, or a timer) and use it! Make it a companion in your day every day.
  • Set goals for yourself – plan and execute those plans. Define what it is you want to do, be, and where you want to go. In fact, it wouldn’t hurt to:
    • Have a list for personal AND professional goals – work with them side by side.
    • Keep track of good things that happened, and the lessons you’ve learned.
    • Set daily, monthly, and yearly goals and check in often. Where are you in the process? Are you achieving what you had hoped?
  • unnamed-2Keep track of where your time actually goes. You will be surprised what takes longer than you time-budget, and what gets completed much swifter than you had planned.
  • Prioritize, prioritize, and prioritize some more!  Ask yourself: What is the main thing I want to accomplish today? What can wait?  Every task has some value and importance. Judge carefully.
  • And, don’t forget to check things off your to do lists and goal sheets.  Congratulate yourself on your achievements! After all, it’s hard work well spent.

Now, get out there and start achieving!  What tools do you use in your daily life that help you get things done? Is there an inspirational quote that motivates you?  By all means, share!! I’m sure I’m not the only one who appreciates new advice, or handy tips…

Jodi Cocanour
People Operations Administrator