ModSquad’s Dog Squad: Meet Our Canine Companions


Whether rescued as adults or raised from puppyhood, dogs easily become trusted, four-legged members of a family. With the unconditional love, emotional support, and the silly memories dogs provide, it’s no wonder dog lovers can’t see themselves without their furry companions.

Here at ModSquad, we’re no different. Our dogs are constant loyal companions, keeping us company during work hours. Warning: The following endearing pooches may give you Fido fever.

When you work from home, every day is Take Your Dog to Work Day. Let’s meet some of the many puppers and doggos that keep us company here at ModSquad.

Take your Dog to Work Day ModSquad 2018

Stella is very special to me. She was the only puppy of her litter to survive. She follows me everywhere and works the same office hours I do. Her talents include being a champion couch potato and cheese eater! Stella is a six-year-old English bulldog, but will always be a puppy to me!”
— Tammyann R.

“We rescued Dingo about 10 years ago when my fiancé worked for a pizza place. He spent a month gaining her trust with pepperoni before bringing her home. She’s a snuggly old dog who loves everyone she meets, except cats and ducks. She’s afraid of cats and ducks.”
— Lauren M.

Zarya came to us just before Christmas. She’s a border collie rottweiler mix and the master of giving high fives! When I’m working, she keeps me company and is absolutely my best friend.”
— Janeen L.

Take Your Dog to Work Day ModSquad 2018

Princess is our best friend. She wakes up our kids every morning. Because of her, they’re joyful and ready to start the day with smiles on their faces.”
— Elva S.

Bill found us last summer. She had been abandoned and wandered into our backyard to drink the condensation from the air conditioner. She was very sick, and we nursed her back to health. She likes to sit at my feet while I work. She has her own hashtag on Instagram (#bailiffbill) and loves to have her picture taken.”
— Cory B.

Opie is the answer to the question ‘Who’s a good boy?’ I’ve had Opie since he was a pup. He likes to dress up when persuaded with cheese or anything tasty.”
— Nate M.

Take Your Dog to Work Day ModSquad 2018

Jax is a resilient pooch. He survived parvo, giardia, and colitis at just four weeks old.”
— Emily W.

Louis is a Pomeranian poodle. His hobbies include modeling, eating, and stealing my socks. His favorite sleeping spot is on my head or in my lap.”
— Ella L.

Desi is a pit bull mix rescue doggie that I fell in love with before I ever met her. She lies here all day as I work and quietly waits for the headphones to come off, which means it’s time to play. I pay her in hugs and lots of snacks!”
— Vanessa M.

Take Your Dog to Work Day ModSquad 2018

Raiden is a Siberian husky who loves to climb on furniture when we aren’t home. He snaps at any bugs he sees flying and loves eating his veggies!”
— Kimberly C.

Lucy is a hyperactive border collie who loves to play fetch and go for long walks in the park or along the beach. She’s my office buddy when I can take my laptop outside.”
— Kyle M.

“I’m not sure how it happens, but every pillow or cushion Jax sits on explodes! We have no idea how it happens. We’re lucky he remains unharmed.”
— Kelly A.

Take Your Dog to Work Day ModSquad 2018

Maxie passed away last month, but he was always right there with me while I worked. He always helped me stay on task. Maxie loved being six inches away from me at all times.”
— Mike D. P.

Lulie is a black Labrador mix that I adopted when she was five months old. Two days after getting her, she trashed a brand new sofa, but stole my heart. She usually hangs with me in my home office. She still thinks she’s a puppy and loves to jump on my lap, although she weighs around 80 pounds.”
— Marcio L.

“My husband and I had been looking for a dog for a few years. He sent me a photo of Molly from a corgi rescue website several states away. It was love at first sight! We ended up driving nearly eight hours to adopt our pup. She’s now spoiled in a happy forever home with lots of treats.”
— Kay S.

Jackson, or Jax for short, is the silliest of the silly. He loves squeaky toys but knows when one of his people are on a work call. He used to nap under my desk, but now at five months and 70 pounds, it’s a tight fit under there.”
— Michelle C.

Willow is an Australian cattle dog and has only known the work-from-home version of me. From the time she was a tiny puppy, she would curl up on my feet or behind my knees. She’s now roughly 50 pounds but still thinks she is an eight-pound dog and tries to curl up on me!”
— Aunya S.

“My wife and I acquired Nova, a border collie-beagle-Akita mix from a local shelter. Nova waits for me to get off work so we can play or go for a walk. Sometimes he gets a treat if he’s being especially good about keeping his barking to a minimum. He’s a great dog and my best friend.”
— Jamie J.

Lilly is a Jack tzu, a mix of shih tzu and Jack Russell terrier. She likes to play tug-of-war, fetch, and bark at stuff.“
— Mike P.

Starla Jane is a Maltipoo. She enjoys going to my eight-year-old grandson’s soccer games and playing tag with the kids. She loves to walk, explore, and play fetch. She brings our whole family joy.”
— Jennifer G.

Rosabella (Bella) is my shadow. We adopted her from the shelter when she was eight weeks old. She is a Labrador-shepherd mix that I was going to train to be my service dog, but she gets too happy when she meets new people. Stori is different; he’s a ball of fire. He’s a purebred boxer and has no regard for personal space. Stori is our trick dog. He can catch toys out of midair.”
— Samantha W.

“We adopted Charlie from the Oregon Humane Society a little over a year ago when he was just three months old. He loves that I get to work from home and take him to the dog park at lunch. His favorite thing to do is go swimming, especially in the ocean.”
— James C.