Mike Pinkerton

This year marks our seventh year celebrating Festivus at ModSquad. All month long, we’ve been recognizing in our Mod Holiday Spectacular individuals who are making ModSquad a great place to be. Today, we conclude with a very special tribute posthumously honoring the extraordinary, one and only, Elizabeth “Beth” Ryan.

Beth formally joined ModSquad in 2014, but she was also an early investor and adviser in Silicon Valley to the company many years before that. As Vice President, Revenue Operations, Beth was a jack-of-all trades who worked closely with our sales team to get deals done (important) and with our clients and accounting and services teams to get us paid (very important!)

Beth was the perfect fit for such a cross-functional role, not just because of her abilities to analyze complex data sets and draw actionable insights (yawn). She was the best of us because of her genuine affection for her colleagues and her selfless dedication to ensuring their happiness and success. Among other caregiver qualities, she had the warmth of the sun and the patience of a saint, a must for working with our junior sales reps (and Rich Weil).

She loved horses, the 49ers, holidays, and her friends, and was an enthusiastic supporter of our Extra Life fundraising program for Children’s Miracle Network Hospitals. More than anything in the world, though, she loved her family, and Aunt Beth was a beautiful role model for her four niblings.

Now, let’s hear from Beth’s colleagues:


I’ve had the pleasure of working with Beth for over 8 years. During this time, she demonstrated dedication to the job, a commitment to excellence, and a willingness to assist wherever and whenever needed. Beth has been able to successfully navigate the complexities of multiple departments while always keeping her finger on the pulse of what was going on, who needed help, and details that needed attention. I owe a lot of my success at ModSquad to Beth, as do many of us. When I first joined ModSquad, she took a lot of her time to help onboard me and get me up to speed; and over the years, she proved to be a dependable lifeline when I had questions or needed urgent assistance.

On a personal level, I’ve always found Beth to be thoughtful, supportive, positive, funny, and selfless with her time. And always encouraging us to be our best.

Beth, you have truly impacted so many people at ModSquad, and we thank you! You are the Bestofus!

– Steve

Beth was like an invisible super glue that held a lot of things together. She was always very supportive of me and my teams, all with the aim of making sure our business and teams were successful.

Her work ethic was second to none and on a personal note, Beth was a great independent listener for me, someone I could bounce ideas off and she would give advice where she could or tell you if something sounded like a good idea or pointers on where it could be better and always took the time to hear me out.

Beth had a great sense of humour too and often her latest Slack profile pic update would create a laugh or two.

I don’t think a lot of people realised how much behind the scenes Beth did for all of us and that’s why she will always be one of the Bestofus.

– Dunne

Beth was in a critical role that majorly affected sales, finance and services. Somehow she was able to do the work of 3 people yet remained ahead of the rest of us on contract renewals, rate increases and unpaid invoices. She was supportive, positive, friendly, helpful and a huge asset to the Account Managers and Service Directors (and I’m sure to the other departments as well). And if it wasn’t for Beth, I don’t think any of Rich’s clients would have paid their retainer and setup fee (or sign their contracts before we started service). Beth was the Bestofus.

– Jason

There are few more valiant people at this company than Beth Ryan. For the last decade, she has been the quiet force, driving much of the invoicing and billing processes for our company. She has been a steadfast support system for account managers, directors, and department heads her entire tenure. Joyful, cheeky, brilliant, hard working, and kind, Beth has been in the corner of every person here. Throughout her journey, never once did she bend or break – but continued driving excellence and making everyone around her shine. Beth is, was, and always will be one of the BEST people we’ve ever known.

– Izzy

Beth Ryan is the Bestofus because she embodied all the characteristics of a truly great human being and ModSquad employee. She was tenacious, smart as a whip, yet compassionate and funny as a team member in Finance and a colleague to others outside the department. She was also extremely loyal and a no nonsense advocate for ModSquad’s interests at all times. She will be sorely missed in ModSquad and the Finance department and is very deserving of this award.

– David

For more than 9 years Beth was the heart and soul of the Sales & Rev Ops team — and really ModSquad. She made us all better than we really were. I doubt we will ever meet anyone who worked harder or demanded more from us than Beth. And she did so in a way that was truly supportive. Beth was always available, infinitely patient, and incredibly generous with her time.

Most people don’t know that Beth literally worked for ModSquad up until her last few hours — that was just who she was. She loved this company and the people who work here. When I miss Beth the most I try and remember that the pain of losing someone we care about is the price we pay for the privilege of having had that person in our lives. Working with Beth was my great privilege.

– Mary

I was privileged to work with the best sister, best colleague, best friend I ever had.  She is truly a BestofUs.

– Amy


On behalf of everyone at ModSquad, we offer the warmest of condolences and congratulations to Beth’s loving family. Happy holidays and happy new year to you all.

– Mike Pinkerton