ModSquad Featured on Two “Best Workforce” Lists


Fifteen years ago, ModSquad started within the Second Life world with just five employees. Our first project was serving and protecting Speaker of the House Newt Gingrich’s avatar within the same virtual world. Now? ModSquad has thousands of employees and independent contractors along with operations centers around the world.

What does it take to get to where we are now? How does one company scale quickly and efficiently to support clients and their needs? The answer combines smart policies, good recruiting, and awesome Mods. It’s this winning combination that was recently recognized by Forbes (via FlexJobs) and Mogul for our diverse workforce and work style.

Remote First

ModSquad was built on the work from home model before working from home was cool. With COVID-19 forcing millions worldwide to adapt to the remote-work lifestyle, people scrambled to figure out how to limit distractions so they could work effectively from remote locations. We watched with interest, since we’d perfected that art way back in 2007. Ever since, our Mods have created a level of success that has helped the company to continually grow year after year. Clearly, we’ve mastered the art of working from home. So much so, in fact, that Forbes and FlexJobs named ModSquad as a top 30 company for remote jobs.

Diverse Talent

ModSquad, by nature, is diverse. With Mods situated in more than 90 countries, it’s no wonder Mogul cited ModSquad as one of the top 100 diverse workforces. Their list was determined with weighted scoring, taking into account the hiring and investment of diverse employees and the support and resources made available to them.

But it’s more than just hiring people from locations around the world. It’s walking the walk across the business.

Our marketing and sales teams take steps every day to establish relationships with brands from all corners of the earth. As a result, the majority of the projects our Mods work on are inherently diverse and are well served by our deep roster of native-speaking Mods in 50+ languages.

Our recruiters also like to reach out to underserved and often overlooked communities. Most recently, ModSquad has focused on recruiting active military spouses. With our remote-first workplace, it’s a great opportunity for spouses looking for flexible, interesting work that allows them to put their skills to use.

Community, Community, Community

With community building and moderation as some of ModSquad’s primary service offerings, we’re certainly proud of the work we’ve done in that arena. But we’re just as proud of the ModSquad community that has grown over these past 15 years. With thousands of Mods collaborating from all over, we know what it means to have a vibrant and unique culture. Every Mod brings something special to our community, and so it’s just as important to us to engage with them as we would with any client community.

That’s the secret to what makes ModSquad such a great place to work. We know the value of every one of our Mods and celebrate what makes them, and us, so unique. Whether they’ve been with us since our genesis within Second Life or have only recently joined the team, every Mod brings a new voice, new perspective, and new drive to succeed.

From our history to our remote culture to our drive to hire a diverse workforce, each aspect of our story combines to shape the unique and ever-growing community we call ModSquad. As others have noticed, it’s a great place to be.

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