Mod of the Month – September 2023


Meet Ryoko T., our Mod of the Month for September. She’s a dedicated mom, a soccer fan, and, of course, like all of our MotMs, a customer service superstar. 

Ryoko is one of our extremely talented multi-lingual Mods who works on projects in both English and Japanese. She’s been here almost a decade doing everything from QA to customer support for our biggest gaming and tech clients. 

It’s not just her language skills that make Ryoko one of our most in-demand Mods, it’s her empathy.  Multi-lingual work – actually any customer experience work – isn’t just about knowing the language. It’s about listening to what the customer means.  “People want to be heard,” Ryoko says, “I do that with empathy and respect, and usually they are receptive to solutions I can offer.”

Ryoko brought her talent to ModSquad almost a decade ago when her kids were very young. The flexible schedule and work-from-home model were exactly what she was looking for so she could spend time with her family and do things like volunteer at her kids’ school. 

Ryoko also might be one of ModSquad’s most passionate soccer fans. She’s not content with watching games on TV or chatting about them with colleagues on Slack. She’s traveled the globe to attend games. From Georgia to Barcelona, Spain, her love for the game knows no bounds.

Ryoko’s got this amazing ability to connect with soccer fans from all walks of life. She loves the way talking about sports creates an instant connection. “It’s like miles and time zones just disappear.”

True sports fans always have their favorite players: Ryoko’s is Yui Hasegawa. Yui is known for being humble and nice off the field, and turning into a beast once the whistle blows. It’s that hardworking spirit that Ryoko admires, and she sees a bit of herself in Yui.

But here’s the real kicker: Ryoko has a fan club right here at ModSquad. Her colleagues are basically her biggest fans, and they can’t stop raving about her:

“Our project is always updating policy, changing processes, and adding new challenges, and it doesn’t slow Ryoko down! She is always able to keep up with new information, and it reflects in her QA and productivity KPIs. She is consistently a Top 3 performer on our project!” – Tera T.

“Ryoko is a great Mod! She is on top of her game 100% of the time, has great performance, and is really reliable.”  –Dani M.

“Hopping on the Ryoko train. She handles her tasks flawlessly and easily adapts to changes without fail. She’s a dream to work with.” – Crystal L.

“Joining the Ryoko train as well! Apart from perfect attendance, performance, and quality records, Ryoko always strives to deliver the best service possible and is always eager to learn and help. Go Ryoko!” – Anna V.

“She is an all around amazing, thorough, and smart Mod! She catches up quickly, has great performance, jumps in wherever help is needed, and on top of all that, has flawless attendance and QA. One of the easiest Mods to work with!” – Matea M.

“She’s just perfection!” – Kelli T.

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