Mod of the Month – September 2019


We’ve checked our calendars, and sure enough, it’s time to celebrate a terrific Mod who personifies excellence in work. So as another month draws to a close, please join us in sending our appreciation and congratulations all the way to Ohio as we name Steven E. our September Mod of the Month!

Steven’s time with ModSquad began six years ago, when he applied to become a Mod. The opportunity was a perfect fit, offering Steven the flexibility to continue studying while working in a field he loves — gaming. Having had some experience with community moderation and management in a virtual world, this was right up his alley. Not to mention a tad bit safer than his previous job: “I was QA testing some high-powered lasers that could have blinded me if I’d handled them improperly.” We’ve always said that a Mod needs a delicate touch!

Since joining the Mods, Steven has provided in-game, forum, and social moderation on multiple projects. In his work, Steven keeps escalation queues to a minimum and ensures his assigned forums are friendly and welcoming. He keeps live gaming chats focused on the matter at hand and free of unwanted comments, and vets applications for group memberships on a popular social streaming platform. On another project, Steven moderates web comics and checks that they’re meeting the client’s community standards. As he adeptly handles these diverse tasks, Steven gained the admiration of his Project Manager, who can not praise him enough and even started hashtags (#GoStevenGo and #StevenforMOTM) that were trending here at ModSquad! 

Steven sees ModSquad as being like no other company due to its overwhelming emphasis on the client and their needs: “Our focus allows us to ensure our client work exceeds expectations,” he notes, adding that this focus helps him maintain a good work/life balance. And he puts that balance to good use. A true go-getter, Steven is also pursuing a major in Information Technology.

“I enjoy the freedoms given on my projects. The schedule overall is very fluid, which has allowed me to work the hours that are needed by the client and fit my schedule as well. This is especially important, as time-management is critical to success.”

And how, you may ask, does Steven unwind? By playing video games with his friends, of course! Steven and chums play The Elder Scrolls online, and are currently progressing through some of the most challenging content the game has to offer. With Steven’s grit and can-do attitude, we’re betting on him all the way!

Here’s what some of our managers had to say about Steven:

“Steven is always willing to help out others with technical issues. His quality and production are always superior, and he sets the tone for others on any project we work on together. Also, he has a great sense of humor. He makes ModSquad rock!”
— Mike P., Project Manager

“Steven is an amazing Mod who always shines.”
— Rebekah G., Project Manager