Mod of the Month – October 2022


Our latest Mod of the Month may not be a grandmaster (yet), but he has all the right moves when it comes to customer service! 

An avid chess fan who loves both playing and watching matches, Corentin J. has quickly established himself as one of the best on his team. His secret? Knowing (and learning) exactly how a community plays, and staying two steps ahead of the game. 

His story of online work begins like many, at the start of COVID. Formerly a tourism expert in Ireland, his industry was hit particularly hard in 2020. Corentin was drawn to working online and searched for a job that not only suited him, but his views on customer service. “I browsed the ModSquad website to see what it was all about,” he describes. “I liked the positive outlook on what customer support should be in the era of the internet. It was a perfect fit!”

Perfect fit is right! In just under two years, Corentin has moved from notable newcomer to our featured Mod of the Month.

“One of the projects I work with has a huge community of devoted and enthusiastic elderly gamers, which I find awesome!” Corentin explains, “Sometimes a player will be very frustrated about an issue they are facing, and after we help them, they will follow up with a kind message that reads like a letter; I love the sense of togetherness they bring, and it always makes me feel proud when I make their day brighter!”

Speaking of communities, our own has a lot to say about this incredible Mod! 

“I am nominating Corentin. Always here to help and to have a kind word.” – Julien V.

“Corentin is reliable and an absolute pleasure to work with.” – Kristi M.

“He is highly reliable and a fantastic Mod!” – Caterina S.

“He is a super reliable Mod, with perfect attendance and near perfect QA scores, who is always on top of project updates! He is such a pleasure to work with and I wish I had more of him on my projects. Did I mention he is also bilingual? Because he rocks in that department too and even provides feedback and corrects client-provided macros if needed.” – Matea M.

“He’s an amazing Mod: super reliable and very communicative.” – Katherine M.

“If you imagine a perfect, professional, bilingual Mod with excellent quality work on the most fast-paced project (who is also a great team player), it’s Corentin! We’re lucky to have him as a part of our projects.” – Anna V.

Corentin’s coworker’s aren’t the only ones with praise to share. Our Mod of the Month himself has some high praise for the rest of his team. “Working remotely, you would think that you are not really in touch with your colleagues, but it’s actually the contrary! As the saying goes, teamwork makes the dream work, and I would definitely nominate my teammates for Mod of the Month if I could!” 

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