Mod of the Month — October 2021


Time for the beat drop! Untz! Untz! Untz! 

You may not know our latest Mod of the Month by name, but we guarantee you know her sound if you’ve ever crashed one of our Second Life parties. She’s our regular DJ, keeping spirits high and music pumping whenever our Squad meets in the digital world. She goes by the name “Apple” on Second Life, but at work, she’s our own Anna C. Regardless of which name you call her, let’s celebrate this incredible member of our community!

A little background goes a long way

For those who don’t know, ModSquad’s roots date back to Second Life in 2007. There are still some veteran Mods with us who joined us back in those early days. Two of these Mods are Cory B. and Anna C. To tell the story of one, we really need to introduce the other.

Best friends and coworkers, Cory joined the ranks of ModSquad (then Metaverse Mod Squad) first and fell in love with their new job. So much so, in fact, that they recommended Anna join as well. She came on board in 2014 and the rest, as they say, is history. Since that time, she’s perfected the art of handling customer inquiries for a variety of clients, specializing in Tier 2 support requests, which require a deeper layer of assistance.

And while we could go on about Anna’s awesomeness, why not let her biggest fan take the mic? 

“She’s a force,” explains Cory. “That’s really the best description I have. She’s a rock star and she’s always blown me away with everything she’s ever attempted to do. If she says she wants to do it, she will.”

Anna’s got fans in us

Cory isn’t the only one with plenty to say about Anna. Here are a few more words of praise from some of her fans. 

“Anna has near-perfect QA. She recently received recognition from our client for having more than 4,000 tickets solved this quarter with a 100% CSAT score.”
— Ali S., Project Manager

“I’ve worked with Anna on a few projects, and she’s always so friendly and personable. Her QA and productivity are top-notch. If I ever need anything from her, she’s ready to help out.”
— Lauren W., Project Manager

“On a project that includes working through lengthy tasks full of easy-to-miss details, Anna masters every aspect of it. She documents every action with so much detail that the Project Manager gets a perfect image of what she accomplished during her shifts. Anna is an absolutely outstanding, fantastic Mod.”
— Hauke D., Project Manager

It’s not work when it’s a passion 

Clearly, coworkers agree, Anna rocks! What is it that makes her such a powerhouse? As we often say, it all starts with passion. Anna gushes about her role at ModSquad and the flexibility it gives her to be herself. “This job gives you the mental space to exist,” she says. “For me, ModSquad was a lifesaving job. I went from being stressed about going to work each day to finally being able to feel more at home where I work.”

Feeling fulfilled is what really matters to Anna, and she pours that into her work. Everyone who meets her sees that same love for the job and a desire to go above and beyond in everything she does.  

All about Anna

When not at work, Anna has a range of hobbies and interests that she dives into with the same passion that she does everything else. We already know she’s a gamer and a DJ, but did you know she’s also a hobbyist? It’s true! She jokes she’s a scatterbrained crafter, trying her hand at anything and everything from art and crochet to cooking and baking.

Her biggest news, however, comes in the form of her growing family. She and her boyfriend Will are expecting their first child, a girl, this December! Her addition will make four, including (of course) their pet dog, Rezz.

Last, we decided to play a round of word association with Anna. Do you agree with her answers? Let us know below.

  • Overboard : Boat
  • Fish : Finding Nemo/Goldfish crackers
  • Planet : Pluto
  • Hades : Mythology
  • Hero : The sub (sandwich)
  • Concert : Photography
  • ModSquad : Freedom!

Please join us in congratulating Anna in the comments section below! To read about other great Mods, check out our Mod of the Month page.