Mod of the Month — October 2020


According to those who’ve had the pleasure of working with this month’s featured Mod, she’s super-talented and a real treat to work with. She’s a veteran member of our Squad, and we’re delighted to introduce the world to Marina S., our October Mod of the Month.

At ModSquad, we’re proud to have no shortage of exceptional Mods with a wide range of talents. That’s because we accept only the best of the best! Needless to say, Mods who stand out are quite impressive. Marina shines because of a mixture of unique skills that make her a powerhouse on any project. Among these talents is a genuine knack for working with people, both the communities she engages with as well as her colleagues. Make no mistake, teamwork is a skill (it makes the dream work!), and it’s one that this Mod possesses in abundance.

Marina, who joined ModSquad six years ago, says she’s “proud to be a part of ModSquad. Working here gives me motivation, inspiration, and joy.” She goes on to explain what brings that joy in her work life: “It’s our professionalism, our smart approach to business, our open-mindedness and creativity, and our client-focused operations.”

High praise indeed, especially when you consider her pre-ModSquad experience. Back in the day, Marina worked as a professor, as an Account Manager, and as a digital marketer. With such a diverse background, it’s no wonder she has such a range of skills.

When she’s not excelling at her customer engagements for ModSquad, Marina has a rich home life, where she focuses on her family. Marina loves spending time with her daughter; a favorite joint pastime is playing Animal Crossing: New Horizons together. She also enjoys “ruff”-housing with her pooch Laika, a Husky-German Shepherd mix. 

Marina has a wealth of hobbies where she spends her spare time: yoga, naturopathy, traveling, gardening, and the creative mixing of blends, which can include herbs, foods, and aromatherapy. She also cultivates her creativity by writing prose and poetry and editing photos and videos. Clearly, the woman never sleeps; it’s an impressive list.

Speaking of which, impressive is exactly how others describe Marina. Considering her years of Mod work, it’s no surprise that her colleagues have much to say about the value she brings to projects. 

“My project has an element of community engagement, and Marina is always dedicated to finding answers for our community’s questions and coming up with new ways to build positive relationships among members.”
— Geneva H., Project Manager

“Marina does excellent work with the community, and she’s always finding great ways to interact with members. She’s also proactive in working with others on the project to deliver just the right communications to the community.”
— Jessica S., Project Manager

“Marina has been a stellar Mod for years. She’s amazingly consistent, dependable, and honest. She’ll always do her best with any task, and she doesn’t mind a challenge. She’s great, and she’s someone I always like to have working with me.”
— Shay G., Project Manager

To wrap things up, we decided to play a game of “This or That” with Marina; we asked her to choose from these Halloween-themed options.

Drink apple cider or bob for apples?
Drink apple cider.

Carve pumpkins or make a scarecrow?
Make a scarecrow.

Bake a pie or eat candy corn?
Bake a pie.

Go to a haunted house or go on a hayride?
Go on a hayride.

Visit a corn maze or have a bonfire?
Have a bonfire.

Watch football or watch Halloween movies?
Watch Halloween movies.

Wear a sweater or wear a hoodie?
Wear a sweater.

Buy a costume or make a costume?
Make a costume.