Mod of the Month — October 2019


As the end of the month nears, it’s time to take stock of all of the fantastic people who make up our Mod network. It’s an impressive, diverse mix of talent from all corners of the globe that numbers in the thousands. To pick just one to salute each month can be a challenge. But never let it be said that we’re not up to the task! This month’s featured Mod goes above and beyond on all of the projects in which he’s involved. Let’s offer our appreciation and congratulations to our October Mod of the Month, Christopher I.

Two years ago, Christopher was working as a customer service representative offering technical support when he decided to seek out a new challenge. He came across an opportunity at ModSquad, noting that the requirements for the role fit him perfectly. Urged on by his fiancée, Christopher applied and started with the company shortly after. We have to thank Christopher’s fiancée for her great advice!

A former manager in the tech industry, Christopher brought with him a myriad of talents, from tech support to CMS development to forum and social media moderation. With that background, Christopher hit the ground running with his assigned projects here at ModSquad, and he hasn’t looked back! His experience at ModSquad includes technical support for subscription fragrance company Scentbird, forum moderation for a video game based on a very popular TV show, and he provides social media engagement for Dallas Fort Worth International Airport. Christopher is deservedly proud of his affinity for helping customers resolve their issues by providing the best tailor-made assistance possible. He ensures success by taking the time to learn as much as he can about the clients, their procedures, and the topics of their frequently asked questions (Christopher has written his fair share of FAQ articles).

Our go-getter loves to expand his knowledge and appreciates the opportunities brought by his Mod position to work with new tools and software. In his free time, when he’s not building a new website or constructing a new computer, with some Breaking Benjamin playing the background, Christopher plays the MMORPG Mabinogi and checks out the latest apps. Two that he can’t live without? Password manager Bitwarden and content filter uBlock Origin.

Needless to say, this passion for technology is much appreciated by Christopher’s Project Managers, who offer these words of praise for our latest Mod of the Month.

“Christopher has been invaluable since he started the project. He’s never had a bad QA, is amazing with following workflows, and helps out on my project whenever he can. He also helped with suggestions on the redesign of our resource site to make it easier to navigate and more intuitive. He’s an incredible Mod to have on a project, for sure!”
— Kellie C., Project Manager

“Christopher is always very helpful and doesn’t hesitate to jump in. He’s had great ideas to help make the project run more smoothly, on both the ModSquad and the client sides. To top it off, he has amazing QA and productivity.”
— Melissa L., Project Manager

“Chris joined ModSquad nearly two years ago for a particularly technical client, and he’s done nothing but impress ever since! He’s extremely flexible and always has workflows down to a T. He’s definitely deserving of recognition for the level of effort he always puts in.”
— Shane B., Project Manager