Mod of the Month – October 2017


Something’s brewing… In fact, it’s here now! The friendly spirits of the ModSquad team have prepared their ghostly surprise, and he’s Mod-nificent; we are excited to congratulate Daniel P. as October 2017’s Mod of the Month!

Daniel’s journey with ModSquad began in November 2015, and he quickly developed into a strong asset for many of his Project Managers and teams. Being the speed reader and detail-oriented Mod that he is, Daniel provides quick and accurate customer support as well as social moderation for various clients ranging from gaming to television. No matter the challenge or task at hand, he has the proven ability to resolve any customer issue that comes his way.

For Daniel, the most important part of his day is ensuring clear communication with clients and customers, whether that means making extra time to explain troubleshooting instructions step by step, or reassuring customers that he is always available to help them.

Nothing makes my day better than being able to fully resolve someone’s issue.

Prior to joining ModSquad, Daniel gained invaluable customer service experience while assistant-managing a gas station and working from home on digital content projects for multiple clients. He later attended school to become a surgical technologist, and when he wasn’t in class, Daniel spent some of his time working as a Customer Support Mod with ModSquad. It wasn’t long after becoming a permanent surgical technologist that Daniel realized fostering client success and customer satisfaction was where his passion truly lied — so he became a full-time Mod.

My proudest moment is pretty much every day when I log into work. I am so proud to be part of an amazing company with terrific people working together as one.

Outside of work, you’re sure to find Daniel in the gaming scene playing The Elder Scrolls Online, Ark, or Dishonored 2. He also enjoys the company of his two cats, Luna and Apollo, while catching up on TV shows and horror films. Looks like October is your kind of month, Daniel!

Not only do his fellow Mods value his work, Project Managers eagerly have to wait in line for Daniel to finish a project so they can scoop him up next.

“What’s brilliant about Daniel is his uncanny ability to raise questions about the big picture that lead to improvement. He benefits our clients and team in ways that are unparalleled by our competition. He thinks big and outside of the box! Heck, he’ll even create a different box for you if you need it, he’s that good!

“Not only that, but Daniel’s positive can-do attitude towards challenge is unbeatable. He does a wonderful job for our clients, has their best interests at heart, and makes what we do even more fun. As many, I am emotionally invested in our clients; Daniel proves on a daily basis that he shares the same passion.”
—Kenny Peebles, Project Manager

“Daniel came in at the eleventh hour on a project I was helping with, and he was a total rock star. He grasped the workflows quickly, picked up lots of hours, and went above and beyond to make sure things were being taken care of.

“I really believe Daniel is an asset to any team he joins, and I always reach out to him when I have a new project coming in. Of course, he’s never available because everyone snatches him up immediately when he is!”
—Danielle Ditto, Project Manager

“I’ve had Daniel on several of my projects, and he is a real stand-up Mod. He’s super reliable and picks up new concepts and feedback quickly. On my ever-changing social projects, he’s able to to adapt to new scenarios and tasks, and he shows up bright and early each morning with a positive outlook and fresh enthusiasm. He’s even quick to help other Mods whenever they have questions — such a team player!

“Daniel was also with me through the launch of a particularly tough project and totally maintained his cool; he truly deserves the Mod of the Month title.”
—Geneva Hopwood, Project Manager