Mod of the Month — November 2021


It takes serious talent and passion to consistently go above and beyond in the customer service field. It’s hard work that requires a unique skill set. Our latest Mod of the Month has those traits in addition to a drive to succeed. Joseph H. is everything that a customer service Mod needs to be, and we decided to see what it is that makes his approach to “service with a smile” so exceptional.

A natural competitor with a drive to exceed expectations, Joseph impresses everyone he meets. Instead of us telling you what makes him great, we’ll let him speak for himself in this interview.

Could you tell us more about when you first applied to ModSquad?

I can remember wanting to find something that was a bit more flexible than the typical 9–5 that I’d been used to. I wanted to have more time for my family while still being able to work from home, and I learned about ModSquad. I applied for a Mod position, and the rest is history.

We’re glad that led to you joining the team! Do you have any tips for people who are new to the company?

One of the biggest tips I would offer is to be open-minded and open to change. Different projects, different management styles, and a diverse mix of global Mods keeps work interesting but also keep you on your toes.

Adapting to change is definitely important as a Mod. Would you say that’s one of the biggest lessons you’ve learned personally?

Definitely! I’ve experienced a lot of personal growth since I’ve been at ModSquad, and I’d recommend ModSquad to anybody.

Out of the services ModSquad provides, you specialize in customer support. Why do you think that’s where you shine as a Mod?

It’s easy for me to understand how a customer feels. I always try to put myself in their shoes. We’ve all experienced times in which we had to call a company or send an email or two to get assistance regarding a product or service, and sometimes it isn’t the best experience. You have to remain empathetic and connect with them while working to reach a resolution.

Shifting gears, we’d like to hear more about you as a person. How would you describe yourself?

I’m very friendly, patient, optimistic — and talkative! I’m definitely extremely driven and competitive, and I love the challenge of being able to jump in headfirst to try new things.

How do you compete and try new things when not at work? 

I grew up playing every sport I could try — baseball, basketball, boxing, golf, you name it. I think that’s where my drive comes from. Playing sports taught me at a very young age how to deal with pressure and think critically, and I’ve always tried to translate that to other facets of my life. I also play video games with my family when I get the chance.

Tell us about your family.

They’re my heart. My son is 21, I have a beautiful and moody 12-year-old girl, and my precocious, fearless baby girl just turned four. I’m married to a beautiful, intelligent Caribbean woman. She keeps me centered; working from home wouldn’t be easy without her.

Before we wrap things up, Joseph’s coworkers have a few things to say about our amazing Mod of the Month.

“Joseph joined our project at the start of this year and instantly became one of its strongest members. He has a keen eye for detail, and if there are any cases that require a second opinion, he’s always ready to provide his expertise.”
— Shane B., Account Manager

“Joseph is not only awesome, hardworking, and dedicated, but he understands the responsibilities of the project and takes them seriously. It’s a pleasure to work with him.”
— Romina P., Assistant Project Manager

“I met Joseph as a fellow Mod and was able to see his actual work firsthand. Now he’s working on a project that I’m managing. He has been an example to follow since day one. Joe is, by far, one of the best Mods I’ve had the pleasure to meet and work with.”
— Tales V., Project Manager

Please join us in congratulating Joseph in the comments section below! To read about other great Mods, check out our Mod of the Month page.