Mod of the Month — November 2019


It’s Thanksgiving in the U.S, the perfect time to thank all our talented people at ModSquad. But even with so many worthy candidates, there can be only one Mod of the Month. So let’s go to Japan to meet a Mod who loves bringing a smile to people’s faces. Please join us in congratulating Justine L.!

Though she’s been with ModSquad for a little under a year, Justine notes: “Time flies! I feel like it’s been more than a year as I feel so good here.” She came to the company with impressive experience in social media, along with serious multilingual skills. She’s fluent in French (her native tongue), English, and Japanese. The latter language has come in handy of late, as she’s been living in Japan for the past three years. But at heart she won’t be tied down to one place forever. Justine’s love for traveling brings her and her boyfriend around the world, where they indulge in their shared passion for food.

Travel is an essential part of her life, so working on behalf of a travel-bureau client is a perfect fit for Justine. On this project, she engages with travelers on multiple social platforms and email, in both French and English. Justine’s personality and positivity help bring out the best in those she encounters, and her virtual smiles (and Mod skills) entice members of the client’s online community to share stories about their travels and lives. Imbued with a lot of curiosity, Justine loves to explore and then write about her own travels and the food she explores along the way. As she shares her passion digitally, she finds that Facebook and Instagram are her preferred social platforms for connecting with others.

This determination to spread joy also fuels her success in another ModSquad project, in which she manages French and Japanese teen ambassadors. She works with the young influencers to promote new social tools that help teens express themselves and share their passions. This project gives Justine the opportunity to help coordinate IRL events in both France and Japan.

When she ‘s not traveling, you’ll probably find Justine listening to Rilès (a French artist who challenged himself to record new music every week for a year) or playing The Legend of Zelda, which reminds her of her childhood playing with her sisters. And speaking of family, Justine is very close with her father and sisters. While distance can present challenges, they’re able to keep in touch with regular calls and messages. They also like to use the Life360 app to see where each of them are — no spying here! 

Before joining ModSquad, Justine worked as an assistant manager for a hotel in Kyoto. It was an experience that helped her develop her customer support and hospitality skills and let her shine as a brand representative. As she says herself, her goal is to make people happy and to share happiness with the people around her.

Even when faced with strange predicaments, Justine isn’t one to let situations dampen her enthusiasm. As a model during her school years in Kyoto, she once served as a practice model for a makeup artists course. She ended up with purple slime and strange-fitting plastic covering her body. It was cold, and she could barely move. “I felt like an octopus lady!” she recalls.

And perhaps having a few extra arms would explain how she manages to do so much so well. When we asked those who work with Justine to offer a few words, they had a ton of praise to give:

“Justine shows exceptional care to customers across all of the languages she supports. She is one of the kindest people I’ve ever had the pleasure of knowing, born to build and manage communities. She is exceptional! #ThankYouMerciArigatoJustine”
— Jenny Y., Project Manager

“Justine is extremely gifted, and not only for her outstanding language skills. She’s able to stay on top of all updates and always has a clever, proactive approach. Justine constantly goes above and beyond. She adds huge value no matter what she does.”
— Laura M., Management Consultant

“Justine’s an absolute natural. She picked up on the client’s tone and made it her own straightaway.”
— Joris H., Management Consultant

“Having someone on a global project that is proactive, amazing, and speaks multiple languages is such an important asset. It has been such a pleasure working with her over the last few months!”
— Rebekah G., Project Manager