Mod of the Month — May 2021


Our latest Mod of the Month has people talking! A customer service and moderation powerhouse, this Mod faces every challenge presented to him with a positive attitude and a willingness to help others. That, along with some serious skills, has earned him praise from colleagues who rave about his passion for his work. This month, join us as we get to know Lucas B., May’s Mod of the Month.

Being named this month’s featured Mod couldn’t have come at a better time, as Lucas is getting ready to celebrate his second Mod-iversary in June. Before joining ModSquad, Lucas had no shortage of interesting jobs that put him in contact with the public — perfect experience for someone interacting with customers on a regular basis. From teaching to catering to promotions work, Lucas has a knack for engaging with others. 

Once Lucas found his way to ModSquad, he discovered that he and the company were a perfect fit. “I was working as an ESL (English as a Second Language) teacher at the time and I wanted to supplement my income, so I applied to become a Mod. Little did I know at the time that ModSquad projects would become my preferred full-time work!”

It’s connecting with people that makes ModSquad a dream job for Lucas. “I like that customer service provides me with the opportunity to be in direct contact with the customers, as that appeals to my social nature. In customer service, you’re helping a particular person with a particular situation. That’s incredibly rewarding and it allows me to make use of my empathy and problem-solving skills.”

Lucas also values the people he works with at ModSquad. Explaining the camaraderie that develops among Mods, he shares a story from when his first ModSquad project was coming to an end. “It was the last day,” he recalls. “The Mods gave a proper farewell to the project that had, for most of us, opened the door to ModSquad. We chatted and shared our favorite experiences. It was great!”

When not rocking the customer service world, Lucas enjoys spending time with his girlfriend and planning for their future. Their plans include moving to a home that will allow pets so that they can adopt a cat. It will also let him spend more time with his dog Natasha, who currently lives with Lucas’s parents. A lover of nature, Lucas enjoys hiking, jogging, and exploring his local park. Lucas is a creative type and enjoys putting his mind to work with hobbies like cooking, reading, writing, art, and gaming.

Lucas has definitely made a positive impression on his ModSquad colleagues. Check out what some of them had to say about our Mod of the Month:

“Lucas is a superstar with an enthusiastic nature and a willingness to help others.”
— Caroline M., Account Manager

“Lucas always looks to positively help his peers. He is an MVP.”
— Marvin A., Assistant Project Manager

“Lucas truly invests himself in his work. He strives for improvement both in his own performance and in ways to help others. He has joy for what he does.”
— Rob S., Project Manager

“Lucas has the quality work and positive attitude everyone wants. He sets good examples and does not hesitate to help others with kindness.”
— Shelen H., Assistant Project Manager

“Lucas is knowledgeable and always willing to go the extra mile.”
— Giles D., Project Manager

“Lucas is always volunteering when help is needed. He is also there for his peers when questions arise, and he keeps a positive attitude.”
— Martin C., Assistant Project Manager

We wanted to give Lucas the last word — but in our popular This or That fast-question format. Let’s get Lucas’s take on a few (not so) pressing matters!

Werewolves or vampires?

Cake or pie?

Hard or soft shell tacos?
Hard shell tacos.

Passenger or driver?

City or countryside?

Fiction or nonfiction?

Ketchup or ranch?

Sweet or sour?

And here are a few of Lucas’ favorite things:

Favorite movie: The Bourne Identity (“it’s the move I’ve seen the most times.”)
Favorite TV show: Angel
Favorite book: The Shining by Stephen King
Favorite musical artist or group: U2

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