Mod of the Month — May 2020


Sometimes the choice for Mod of the Month for any given period is an easy one. When the great skills and talent of someone is so apparent, it’s impossible to ignore the hard work and extraordinary dedication of this exceptional member of our Squad! We’re delighted to celebrate Cory B., who, in a rare but unsurprising honor, is a two-time Mod of the Month!

As those who know her can attest, Cory’s tremendous work ethic is matched by her strong determination. These talents have served her well in her long history in customer service, with more than 20 years of experience under her belt. Her work history includes Verizon Wireless, United Airlines, and a number of local businesses that needed her exceptional brand of customer support. She certainly puts that experience to work on her projects. Cory is a ModSquad veteran, with seven years of stellar service at the company. To say that she knows her stuff would be an understatement! Those who work with Cory describe her as an amazing asset and a model Mod. It’s no wonder, with her can-do attitude and eagerness to help others. Cory’s attention to detail never fails to impress those she works with.

Cory’s family, which includes three children (age 21, 20, and 15), two adorable dogs, and her husband of seven years, is her passion. She appreciates how working at ModSquad gives her the freedom to spend time with them: “The most important thing to me is that I have the flexibility to work around events and appointments I might have for my kids.”

An avid cosplayer, Cory enjoys crafting her own costumes, which she wears to fan gatherings. It’s probably no surprise that Cory is big into movies and TV; her favorites include Archer and Josie and the Pussycats, which she says she can watch over and over again.

Speaking of “over and over again,” we heard many recurring words of praise as Cory’s Project Managers provided accolade after accolade. They describe her as a spirited worker with a genuine desire to help others and a great ability to follow through. Here are just some of the fantastic words of support we received for Cory:

“Cory is always willing to learn and always ready to help. If a client needs a special project to be done, Cory is always one of the first to help out. She’s definitely a Mod who I’m proud to work with.”
— Jessica S., Assistant Project Manager

“Back when I was a fresh new Mod, Cory was one of the most patient and helpful people I worked with. She did not mind taking a few minutes out of her shift to find new resources for Mods or to share a tip on using a tool to its full potential. She is truly awesome!”
— Ali S., Project Manager

“Cory has always been there to help wherever needed. She becomes the foundation for any project she works on, providing the best example of a great Mod. She definitely deserves to be Mod of the Month any month!”
— Shay G., Project Manager

“Cory had been brought in on a high-volume holiday project. She came in and just owned it. She’s exactly the type of person you want on the other end of the line to assist you. Cory’s going to do anything within her power to solve your issue. I’d add her to any project in a heartbeat.”
— Crystal L., Project Manager

“Cory is amazing and just wonderful at what she does. She’s always super patient, kind, and works to make sure that everything goes smoothly.”
— Daniel P., Assistant Project Manager