Mod of the Month – May 2016


While we’re sad to see yet another month go by, we’re thrilled to take this last day of May to share with you our latest and greatest Mod of the Month: May 2016! This month’s honors go to none other than Kellie C!

Mod of the Month May 2016 KellieKellie has been with ModSquad for nearly two years (come October). She’s been a remote customer support representative for ten years, and one of her older colleagues recommended ModSquad.

“I applied, and here I am! I couldn’t be happier. I love this company.”

Currently, Kellie is a crucial member of our CS team for a busy project. She’s an ace when it comes to communication with customers and providing top-notch support. And it doesn’t hurt that she enjoys writing too!

Kellie defines herself as offbeat, impulsive, and a perfectionist. And while all three adjectives may have some truth to them, we feel they should only be applied to Kellie in strictly the best of sense. Her offbeat nature is due to her unique creativity, her impulsiveness is driven and quick to assist, and her perfectionism is a testament to her dedication and unyielding hard work.

Mod of the Month Kellie FamilyKellie married her high school sweetheart, Tony. They had lost touch after high school and met up again about six years ago. Four years later, they were married. Kellie has two smart, beautiful daughters, a charming stepson, and a four-legged baby named Willow (a Shar-pei). Together, Kellie, Tony, and the kids live about five minutes from where Kellie grew up.

As for hobbies, Kellie loves to write. She’s an anime fan (notable favorites: Naruto, Bleach, and Trigun), and she loves singing and cooking (both together and exclusively). Kellie has a sweet tooth, and a penchant for baking cinnamon rolls.

Above all, Kellie is thoughtful and empathetic, both at home and at work.

“I think relating to customers on a personal level and really, truly empathizing with them on a genuine level is by FAR the most important part of my job. It goes a long way in solving an issue for a customer when it really feels like you are treating him or her with personal attention, and you actually understand what he or she going through.”

And one of Kellie’s proudest moments at ModSquad happened recently:

“We had an extremely irate customer email in and leave a negative app store review (not to mention it was our very first review ever). I was able to resolve her issue on my own, and she even changed her review on the app store due to my interaction with her. On Monday, the client’s senior management reached out to me personally with kudos. It made me very proud, and also extremely happy, not only for the job I had done, but also because I had saved the client from that negative attention.”

Kellie, you are a fantastic Mod, and we’re grateful for all the hard work, dedication, and support. Congrats, newest Mod of the Month!

Kellie is the bee’s knees. Kellie is an outstanding leader on my project. She works on Tier 2 support and handles relationships with our client’s partners and customers. She always goes above and beyond to help other team members out, and I can tell how much she cares about the success of the project and the client. Our client loves her because she dives deeply into issues and isn’t afraid to ask tough questions to seek a positive experience for their customer. She also sets a high mark of efficiency while still maintaining empathy and quality in her interactions.
– Matt Ramsey, Project Manager

Kellie is doing amazing work on one of my projects. A senior VP from the client reached out to congratulate us on her work (she made his wife happy with some excellent customer support work) and to see how far along we are in the cloning process.
– Michael Marcantel, Account Manager

Kellie has been a godsend one of our projects. She is always offering to help the other team members, she interacts well with the client, isn’t afraid to ask questions to get procedures ironed out and keep everything up to date, she helps come up with macros for new problems that crop up, etc., etc., etc. She’s great (times infinity)!
– Danielle Ditto, Assistant Project Manager

Kellie is a great worker and goes above and beyond what is asked of her. She is able to work independently without needing someone over her shoulder to make sure she is on task. She may not be on my team any longer but she was great to work with. I would love to have her back, but I know I would face the wrath of her current PMs. LOL!
– Kerri Seguin, Project Manager

Izzy Neis
Director of Engagement & Strategy

Jason Ferguson
Director of Client Services