Mod of the Month — March 2021


Every month, we pause to celebrate the accomplishments of our best and brightest Mods. Sometimes this means we’re highlighting ModSquad veterans — dedicated pros who’ve spent years with us. That’s not the case with this month’s exceptional choice. (Can you say notable newcomer?) A Mod for less than six months, this rising star’s already turning heads and earning her time in the spotlight. We’re thrilled to introduce you to Lisa T., our latest Mod of the Month!

Lisa’s journey to becoming Mod of the Month started when she joined ModSquad last October. People aspire to become a Mod for a number of reasons, from a passion for the work to wanting more flexibility in their schedule to a genuine desire to help make the internet a kinder place. Lisa learned about the opportunity after COVID-19 brought an end to her last job. “I found ModSquad and did some research,” she recalls. “I took the leap and have loved every single minute of it!”

With thousands of applicants, it takes something special to actually become a Mod. Their ranks are populated by only the best of the best — and that’s exactly how we’d describe Lisa. She’s someone who has put the “care” in her career path. Before joining us, she studied Animal Science and worked as a vet technician, caring for animals in need. She eventually transferred her empathetic skills to helping people, going on to work in customer service for 16 years before making her way to ModSquad.

Now, Lisa continues to shine as a customer service superstar with a passion for email support. It takes a lot of heart to fulfill those duties; luckily, that’s exactly what Lisa has in spades. The best part of her job, she feels, is helping others through problem solving.

When asked what she loves about ModSquad, Lisa had a lot to say. “I love the clients, my managers, and the other Mods. Everyone is awesome! I have never worked anywhere else that had so many people ready to help in any way. What sets ModSquad apart is the community; they’re hands down the most welcoming group of people ever. The diversity, the drive, and the dedication I see in so many people here makes me proud.”

But in citing her single favorite memory from her days at ModSquad, it’s this time right now that wins it, hands-down. “Being selected among everyone here is definitely my proudest moment. It’s such an honor just to be recognized.” Now that makes us feel warm and fuzzy inside!

In her personal time, Lisa leads an active life filled with loved ones. A resident of Indiana, she lives with her husband and her eight-year-old son. Rounding out her family are a number of beloved pets, including three dogs, two cats, and a bearded dragon. That’s quite a menagerie!

Family means a lot to Lisa, and hers keeps her busy. When she’s not bringing her son to practice or rooting him on in games, Lisa and family can be found out and about, hiking in her region or travelling (in normal times) to more distant places. One of Lisa’s family’s favorite things to do is to let the road take them far from home, looking for off-the-beaten-trail restaurants to enjoy. Her other passions include going to the beach, playing the piano, strumming on the guitar, and gardening. 

To wrap up, we’d like to let Lisa’s colleagues have a chance to share what makes her stand out as a ModSquad superstar. They offered a lot of great words on her behalf.

“I brought Lisa onto a project and she has been nothing but amazing. She was serious about learning all she could. The client loves her. I have worked with her on two other projects, and she’s awesome on them as well. She’s always willing to help, taking a project she is brought onto and running with it to become the best Mod she can be.”
— Melissa L., Project Manager

“Considering her attention to detail, her productivity (which is through the roof), and her excellent quality of work, it’s hard to believe that Lisa isn’t a veteran Mod. She’s extremely proactive, is always looking for ways to improve, and has an excellent professional demeanour with clients, management, and Mods alike. Trying to provide Lisa with ways in which to improve is difficult simply because she operates at such a high caliber.”
— Gerard R., Project Manager

“Since she joined the team, Lisa has shown real dedication to learning everything she can. The client is really impressed by her work. She is positive and great at communicating.”
— Dria W., Project Manager

As has become tradition for these blog posts, we took a few moments to get to know Lisa through a series of This or That questions.

Mountains or the beach?

M&Ms or Skittles?

City or country?

Burger or hot dog?

PC or console?

Magic or might?

Laptop or desktop?

Book or e-reader?
Book, always!

Sunshine or storms?

Diet or regular?

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