Mod of the Month — March 2020


Customer support is the name of the game when it comes to March’s exceptional Mod of the Month. This Mod has proven her ability to engage customers, provide them with top-notch service, and go above and beyond to make each interaction exceptional. Please join us in applauding our very own Krista R!

Krista’s pre-ModSquad experience includes substantial customer service, which she provided from her home office (sound familiar?). For 18 years, she provided support in the medical field, where she answered questions and handled medical records. Along the way, she discovered the online world of Second Life, the place where what was then called Metaverse Mod Squad came to life. Krista spent her free time providing customer service to various groups in Second Life before she had ever heard of ModSquad. In fact, she recalls only realizing the connection during her interview. Talk about a coincidence!

Krista landed that interview two years ago, when she was drawn to ModSquad because of the work-life balance it offers Mods. She was particularly excited about having a flexible schedule, which perfectly suits her busy family life. Working from home gives her more time to spend with her loved ones, especially her homeschooled son.

In addition to her boy, Krista’s family includes her girlfriend and their three dogs, all of whom mean the world to her. Avid travelers, they recently enjoyed a road trip exploring the countryside from North Carolina to Kansas, visiting extended family along the way.

When she’s not traveling, Krista and her family have a love for television. She’s an avid Game of Thrones fan and admits to enjoying reality TV. Her guilty pleasure is Big Brother, which she loved so much that she had the hospital put it on while she was in labor with her son. Now that’s dedication!

At ModSquad, Krista shines in her customer support role, offering excellent service and a gentle hand when needed. What makes her such an exceptional Mod? Coworkers describe Krista as hardworking, sincere, and ready to explore new ideas.

“I love working for ModSquad. I definitely enjoy the flexibility it offers. What I didn’t expect was how much I would enjoy working with the Project Managers and the other Mods. I’ve met some really amazing people at this company.”

Customer support isn’t the only service ably provided by our March Mod. Always looking for a new challenge, Krista has taken on assignments involving moderation and engagement services, on which she’s proven herself to be equally adept. The ability for Krista to put her varied talents to good use at ModSquad is something she deeply values. Her spirit and dedication make her stand out to customers, clients, and ModSquad Project Managers alike. Here’s what a few of her managers have to say about Krista:

“I’ve worked with Krista for a long time and would add her to any project without hesitation. On one project, we added her to our engagement team and she took off running. Not only does she know what to look for, she has an incredible attention to detail and brings a creative style to her engagement activities. The client immediately fell in love with her and notes her work quite often during our calls.”
— David F., Project Manager

“Anytime I have worked with Krista she has shown a strong work ethic and great positivity.”
— Kimberly M., Project Manager

“Krista is always on point. No matter the task, she’s going to execute it flawlessly.”
— Crystal L., Project Manager

“Krista is always more than willing to jump in and help. She’s awesome at QA, is always open to feedback, and provides additional feedback to make the group better.”
— Melissa L., Project Manager

“Krista is a stellar Mod. She’s always willing to help out in any way needed. Her productivity and QA is always top-notch. #KristaForTheWin!”
— Christopher C., Project Manager