Mod of the Month – March 2018


This name of this month’s honoree may share her name with the hue of November’s birthstone, but we’re not about to wait another seven months to celebrate her. Join us in congratulating our March 2018 Mod of the Month, Amber K!

Amber may be among our newer Mods, but it took her no time at all to win the hearts of her Project Managers. She joined ModSquad in late December 2017 as a Mod for one of our clients in the mobile app entertainment space; she did such impressive work, that she applied for an open Lead role as an employee and was hired into that position. As a Lead, Amber assists other Mods with any questions they have while assisting our client’s customers via phone, email, and live chat.

What first piqued Amber’s interest in ModSquad was our name. What sold her were the flexible hours, ability to schedule around her home life, and reviews from current Mods.

Amber is no stranger to remote work, having spent the past six years working from home. In that time she started as a customer service representative, and, just as she’s done here at ModSquad, quickly moved up the ranks.

Customer service is what I’ve always done. It’s almost second nature for me to take an issue, own it, and commit to resolving it. I like making the customer happy by solving their problem or offering a solution that works for both them and our client.

Working remotely has been a big plus for Amber lately, as she and her boyfriend just relocated to North Carolina and purchased their first home. They’ve been spending lots of their free time making it their own and exploring the area they now call home. Amber also loves heading to classic car shows with her 69 Pontiac Firebird.

In case you wondered how Amber so quickly become Mod of the Month, her Project Managers’ statements should explain it:

“A fast-paced and ever-changing project needs many special attributes from its Mods. Mods that instinctively smile while volunteering to be the first to take on any new challenges. Mods that show exceptional camaraderie with their colleagues and customers. Mods that contribute to the community. It is rare that these qualities are all found in one Mod, however, in Amber we have found every one of those traits and more.”
—Joseph Moore, Assistant Project Manager

“Amber has shone and stepped up in every way possible on our project. She will go out of her way to assist her fellow Mods and managers alike. If we could build an army of Ambers we would be golden.”
—Mark Rogan, Project Manager

“Amber is always willing to step up and help in any way. She is willing to work when we need extra help and brings a fantastic optimism and high level of knowledge while doing it!”
—Christopher Carpenter, Project Manager