Mod of the Month – June 2023


Do you believe in destiny? Well, June’s Mod of the Month certainly does! Heather T., a true master at setting and achieving goals, turned her dreams into reality by working hard to earn this prestigious achievement.

From the moment Heather saw a posting for ModSquad she knew it was her destiny to become a Mod. “I’m gonna be a Mod,” she decided, “That’s what I want to be!” And nearly four years ago, that dream came true.

“It’s kind of hard to put into words, but being a Mod is more than just a job – it’s a mindset,” Heather explains. “I feel incredibly honored to work with such amazing management and teams. It just feels like I truly belong here.”

What makes her proud to be a Mod? The service we provide. “The level of customer service ModSquad provides is outstanding and that is hard to find.”

Heather’s success is anchored in two fundamental  philosophies: the “Golden Rule” and “This is the way” from The Mandalorian. 

For Heather, honor, dignity, and respect are virtues that hold great importance, especially in the realm of customer service. She firmly believes in putting herself in the shoes of the customers, genuinely understanding their concerns, and doing whatever it takes to ensure their satisfaction.

She also advocates for speaking up and making oneself heard.”When I first started, things were moving so quickly. One of my managers, Vicki K., gave me invaluable advice to reach out whenever I needed help. This advice really helped me grow.”

Recognizing when to seek assistance is a valuable skill in any environment, and Heather attributes her ongoing success to this ability. She knows her stuff, but she also understands that management is there to offer guidance and support whenever necessary.

And here are a few people who are proud to look to Heather for help when they need it, as well!

“Heather has not only been an amazing Mod on multiple projects with me, she is never afraid to dig in and get her hands dirty to help.  Her empathy with customers is something I want to bottle up and sell. We all need a little Heather in our lives!”

– Lisa T.

“Heather is always a rockstar! She is awesome on calls as well as responding to customers in tickets. She doesn’t hesitate to jump in and help when she can. Heather is an all star Mod for sure.”

– Melissa P.

“Heather is super helpful and always willing to go that extra mile to make sure the customer is taken care of! She is an amazing Mod!”

– Kari E.

Heather’s life isn’t just about work; she has a lot going on outside of it too. When she’s not immersed in shows like The Mandalorian with her son, they both enjoy playing games together. “Currently, we’re having a frisbee showdown after work. Although I end up spending more time chasing the frisbee than actually winning,” she laughs.

Kudos to our June Mod of the Month. Want to work with amazing rockstars like Heather?  Join the Mods today!