Mod of the Month – June 2022


As you’ve learned reading the Mod Blog, our Mods excel in every area of online work. From moderation to support to engagement and beyond, every month we shine the spotlight on Mods who crush it in every field. This time, though, our attention turns to a true jill-of-all-trades, someone who dominates in social media engagement, customer service, and moderation. Meet the unstoppable Briana C.

We’ll start at home, where Briana balances work with her duties as a mom to three daughters (all aged five and under!) with her husband. Between work, childcare, and homeschooling, she and her family find time for dancing, crafts, and exploring their hometown of Dallas.

Family means everything to Briana, and it was actually part of what brought her to joining ModSquad. Two years ago, she was looking for a work from home role that could help her balance work and family. Upon learning about ModSquad, she was immediately intrigued. “When I came across ModSquad, the opportunities seemed endless,” she says. Her intuition proved true, as she’s since brought her expertise to a wide variety of projects.

“I absolutely love ModSquad,” Briana stresses, “and the different projects available and the flexible schedules. As a stay-at-home mom, I’m very grateful for ModSquad.”

Being involved in projects that touch different industries and tap into different skills is exhilarating for Briana. She gets the biggest charge out of social media engagement, where she enjoys putting smiles on the faces of people — all virtually!

Briana’s approach to social engagement is a healthy mix of the utmost professionalism with an appropriate amount of fun. Her mindset is to keep things friendly and personable as much as possible. This ensures a light tone that matches the enthusiasm of the customers.

But it’s not just customers that Briana connects with — her colleagues have nothing but praise for this amazing Mod. Let’s hear what some of them have to say about Briana.

“Briana continually gives her best on projects. Going above and beyond for clients is just the tip of the iceberg for her.”
— Jaime H., Project Manager

“Briana is one of the hardest working and most positive people I’ve ever had the pleasure to work with.”
— Kristi M., Project Manager

Before we go, here are a few of Briana’s favorite things:

Favorite movie: The Shack
Favorite TV show: Law & Order
Favorite book:
The Coldest Winter Ever by Sister Souljah
Favorite musical artist or group: Al Green. My mother gave me an appreciation for old school music!

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