Mod of the Month — June 2021


Rise and shine, early birds and night owls! It’s time to celebrate another incredible member of our Squad, and this one is a real hoot. Our June Mod of the Month proves once again what it takes to earn this coveted position: hard work, attention to detail, and a willingness to help out and share her knowledge (and her sense of humor doesn’t hurt). This June, join us in applauding Megan R., our latest Mod of the Month.

Megan joined the ModSquad ranks in July of 2020 and she’s already turning heads with her productivity, meticulous work, and one-of-a-kind personality. In the years before she joined ModSquad, one of Megan’s positions was in a coffee shop, an experience that she says helped to hone her customer service skills. “The last shop I worked at had a very heavy focus on community and hospitality. We were encouraged to make all of our customers feel like family. While I did ultimately end up moving on to bigger and better things, the influence that experience had on my customer support approach is undeniable.”

Indeed, coming from a background in customer service helped to shape Megan into the Mod she is today. Primarily a phone support agent, Megan takes pride in her ability to connect with the people on the other end of the line. “I have a knack for de-escalating tense situations by relating to customers,” she explains. “I always try to reassure customers that I recognize them as human beings and that I’m doing my best to help them.” 

It’s this emphasis on humanity and forming connections that makes her a star in the eyes of customers and colleagues alike.

What led Megan to ModSquad was a fascination with the work-from-home culture and its many benefits, like the ability to choose and adapt her work to her own schedule. She explains, “The flexibility of self-scheduling was super alluring to me, and I appreciated how personable the job listing was. I could tell ModSquad hired some interesting people and encouraged their unique personalities to shine through, and that meant a lot to me.”

When Megan’s not rocking the customer service world, she lives in her self-described “jungle of an apartment,” with eight rescue parrots and more than 40 houseplants. Talk about a busy household! Even with her affinity for the natural, her workspace is well separated from her menagerie, with appropriate sound buffering.

As if all of that doesn’t keep Megan busy enough, she also enjoys a range of hobbies. In addition to hiking around a local lake, writing, redecorating, listening to and analyzing music, she also “spends an embarrassing amount of time detailing and fawning over” her car (a 2003 BMW 330Ci convertible, for all you car enthusiasts out there). She’s also passionate about fashion and self-expression. “My shower is often stained with really wild hair dye colors!” she laughs.

Overall, things are going quite well for Megan, both at home and at work. “I have never felt as valued by an employer as I have by ModSquad,” she says. “I think that emphasis on expressing appreciation for individuals resonates in every part of what ModSquad does. As somebody who is very detail-oriented, I recognize and appreciate that ModSquad focuses on the details just as much as I do.”

Before we wrap up with a few final questions for Megan, we wanted to give her colleagues a chance to talk. Trust us, they have a lot to say (and it’s all good!).

“Megan is a key player on our project, with stellar QA and productivity. She’s incredibly helpful and also just got recognition from our client, where they referred to her as an ‘all-star’ and asked if we could have her join a team workshop to offer tips and tricks that could help everyone achieve their goals. I don’t know what we’d do without her!”
— Lauren W., Project Manager

“Megan is an all-star on our project, which is a very complex phone project. She gets client recognition, has amazing productivity and QA scores, and is super helpful. I could not imagine a better Mod.”
— Brett J., Project Manager

“Megan is a stellar standout. She is fabulously meticulous and has such a pleasant phone manner. She hits every mark, every time. She is unafraid to ask questions, and she retains info like a star.”
— Reed K., Project Manager

“Megan is always helpful and is amazing with QA. She always wants to make sure everyone on the project is doing the best they can.”
— Robert R., Project Manager

“Megan is a true powerhouse — an all-star! She’s always there to help when needed!. She really deserves to be Mod of the Month.”
— Sandrine C., Project Manager

Finally, we concluded our interview by taking the chance to get to know Megan a little better through a series of This or That questions.

Pirates or ninjas?
My friends often tell me I dress like a pirate!

Rollercoaster or waterslide?
Neither. I’m more of a bumper cars kind of person.

Cake or pie?
Cake, easy!

Swimming pool or beach?
Swimming pool. Sand in my bathing suit is not an ideal situation.

Ice cream in a cone or a dish?
Dish! I’d like to think I’m a pretty practical person.

Action or comedy?
Action, but is horror an option?

History or English?
English. HMU for poorly written poetry!

Truth or dare?
Truth! My go-to game for pretty much every situation is We’re Not Really Strangers. Check it out!

Early bird or night owl?
Early bird. With this many parrots in the house, there’s no way I’m sleeping in!

Jokes or riddles?
Jokes! Who has time for a riddle?

And here are a few of Megan’s favorite things:

Favorite movie: Any Studio Ghibli movie.
Favorite TV show: The Handmaid’s Tale. It’s pretty intense. I simultaneously highly recommend it but also advise that nobody ever watch it because it’s pretty traumatizing!
Favorite book: Call Me By Your Name.
Favorite musical artist or group: This is a tough one! Currently Tora, Colter Wall, Goth Babe, and Red Hearse.

Please join us in congratulating Megan in the comments section below.