Mod of the Month — June 2020


Our June Mod of the Month is someone who has developed a reputation for herself — in the best possible way! As you might expect, she’s thought of as a hardworking team player, one who’s always willing to pitch in when needed. But when we asked her colleagues about our featured Mod, the praise just kept coming in! She received props for her problem-solving ability, her keen eye for detail, and how impressive she is at staying professional when faced with the inevitable difficult customer interactions. And that’s just for starters! Read on to find out more about our latest sensational Mod of the Month, Miranda H.

Miranda earned this honor at an apt time, she says, noting that June is Pride Month. “I think becoming Mod of the Month in June is ironic because ModSquad is one of the only companies that I’ve been part of that is inclusive to the LGBTQ+ community without being showy or gimmicky about it. I’m part of that community, so when I got word that I was named Mod of the Month, I almost cried.”

As a two-and-a-half-year veteran with ModSquad, Miranda says that learning the right project to apply for is one of her keys to success. When one project ends, she suggests Mods talk to their Project Manager to explore what options exist. There are always opportunities to match your passion and skills to the available projects, as Miranda well knows. She’s enjoying her current project for that very reason, as she provides customer support to users of a well-known food brand. She gets a charge out of interacting with fellow foodies and cooking enthusiasts. Her genuine interest in the brands she works on helps her deliver stronger, more connective support.

Miranda’s commitment to quality in her work is what led to her nomination as this month’s featured Mod. As one internal supporter noted, “We recently brought Miranda on to a project with a new client. Within hours of our first day, she received praise from the client on her work, applauding how she captured the brand’s voice. Since then, she’s mastered a quirky CRM, filled in needed shifts, and received a whole lot of customer praise from a very vocal fanbase, and she continues to impress the client.”

This isn’t the first time Miranda has won something at ModSquad. She points out that she was the Global bracket winner of the company’s Women’s World Cup tournament in 2019, but laughs while detailing her strategy: “I’ve never played in my life, and I know nothing about soccer. So I just Googled and followed the advice of the third search result!”

In her down time, Miranda enjoys gaming and watching live streams (though she doesn’t stream herself). Recently, she’s been playing a lot of Animal Crossing, so much so that she bought a Nintendo Switch just to play it — when she’s not playing the pocket version on her phone.

Miranda has a broad range of interests beyond gaming. An avid cook, her favorite dish is fried chicken: “We fry everything in Tennessee.” She’s also a big music fan; with her eclectic taste in music, Miranda finds sources of inspiration in all genres. Her passion for music is long-lived, dating back to her flute-playing days in school band. She went on to study music and believes she would probably have been a music teacher in another life. Finally, Miranda is a devoted animal lover; she worked as a vet tech in her pre-ModSquad days and owns several cats and a 10-year-old dog she calls “a grumpy old man.”

To close off our conversation with a bit of fun, we played “This or That.” When forced to choose between two options, Miranda chose:

Cookies > Cake
Console Games > PC Games
Waffles > Pancakes
Coffee > Tea
Winter > Summer
Book > Movies
Coca-Cola > Pepsi
Snow > Rain
Comedy > Horror
Evening > Morning
Love > Money

Miranda’s musical talents must have rubbed off on her ModSquad colleagues, because they’re singing her praises:

“The client is constantly praising Miranda and calls her work a great extension of their brand and tone. They love having her working in the queues and often celebrate her work internally. She is super dedicated and has that all-in attitude. She is a rock star.”
— Halsey B., Account Manager

“Miranda always steps up and not only handles things on her side, but also helps out with questions from new people on the project. The project wouldn’t be the same without her positivity, team work, and dedication.”
— Kimberly M., Project Manager

“Miranda is a team player, catches on quickly, and is always willing to help.”
— Latisha Y., Assistant Project Manager

“Our client is super impressed with Miranda, and she’s always willing to jump in.”
— Ali S., Project Manager