Mod of the Month – June 2015


Congratulations to John M., our official Mod of the Month for June 2015!

johnmadon-2John joined us in November of last year to work on support with one of our great clients, Picaboo. His close friend, Leigh Green (a fellow mod), knew about John’s customer service background and recommended Metaverse (we couldn’t be more grateful to her!). As John looks back, “Kicking off with the excitement of Q4 for Picaboo was an awesome experience in my life. I’ve never looked back.”

Since then, John has also joined the Pura Vida team, where he continued to impress his managers. He also has really taken to his fellow mods. “A good working dynamic is so important to me personally and professionally. My teammates to are some of the best people in the world.”

Despite having experience in moderation and community, his first love will always be customer support (he’s been working in CS for almost 20 years now). His professional goal is to make someone’s day a little better every day he signs into work.

Our clients work hard and they want their customers and community to have an enjoyable time. Sometimes things go unexpectedly awry, and even the best intentions with experiences aren’t perfect. I get such a thrill being difference-maker for people: answering a phone, listening to a user’s concerns, using every tool at my disposal to make a drastic, positive change in his or her experience. To be in the position of making a satisfied customer into a happy, loyal advocate makes my day!

Although John uses the words “flossy water buffalo” to describe himself, we know John to be a positive, enthusiastic, and hardworking member of our team (with a goofy sense of humor, which his teammates appreciate).

Outside of work, John enjoys online gaming, and you can often find him playing Star Wars MUSH (text-based RPG) or Star Wars The Old Republic. He is also a glassblower (in fact, he used to teach glassblowing), and he loves spending time with his significant other, who he calls “the light of my life.”

We cannot be more proud to have John on our team!

I’ve been impressed with his know-how, leadership, and OBVIOUS desire to go above and beyond for our client.
– Matt Ramsey

He was huge help for me personally this weekend as I was new person on a project. Definitely MotM material!
– Michelle Ramage

He has always been a stand-out mod and my first choice in a leadership role. He’s willing to help out other mods, research issues before they become a bigger problem, and to generally just go above what’s required on the project to make sure the client and the customer are happy. I always know that when John is working the project is in good hands.
– Felicia Ho

He goes above and beyond wherever needed, and he is very open to questions, concerns, and stepping up to train. He has been a great asset to the client and his PM.
– Mike Poe

Congratulations, John! It’s your tenacity and knowledge that make you such a great teammate, Mod, and part of Metaverse. Thank you!

Izzy Neis
Director of Engagement & Strategy

Jason Ferguson
Director of Professional Services