Mod of the Month — July 2021


If there’s one thing that we’re sure of, it’s that there’s no shortage of variety here at ModSquad. Over just the last year alone, we’ve had the opportunity to introduce exceptional Mods who had been working with us for just a handful of months, as well as seasoned pros who’ve proven their skills time and again over the years. Our latest Mod of the Month falls into the former category. He’s a moderation pro with a passion for keeping communities healthy and happy. Say hello to Bryan M.

Bryan made his ModSquad debut earlier this year after following up on a Mod opportunity that was passed on to him by his wife. Already an experienced Twitch and Discord volunteer, it didn’t take him long to make a name for himself through his level-headed moderation, willingness to share his knowledge, and suggestions for improvements that might help both users and moderators alike.

Like many of the Mods we’ve met throughout this series, Bryan is deeply passionate about his work in user experience and the importance of moderation. “I’m kind of an old soul and tend to follow the rules,” he says. “I find that more people have fun equally if the rules are being enforced. I want people to have a safe and fun environment. I enjoy seeing positive experiences and seeing the chat rooms be used for their intended purpose.” Bryan loves seeing people connect and form friendships in the communities he maintains.

Another way that Bryan goes above and beyond is by working to help improve how tools are used by both users and moderators alike. As an experienced moderator knows, technology is always changing, as does language and many other factors. Part of being a Mod is recognizing trouble before it starts and knowing when tools may need a little tweak. Bryan prides himself on his ability to recognize trends and finding a way to make community experiences better for everyone involved. He cites one example: “I notice ways that users are dodging the filters and provide lists of those workarounds to my managers.”

Joining us in praising Bryan’s initiative are his colleagues — just check out what they have to say:

“Bryan joined a project of mine a couple of months ago, and I have continuously been impressed. If you’re looking for someone who’s proactive in their approach, has amazing ideas around how to make things more user-friendly, and has his coworkers at the forefront of their mind, Bryan is your guy. His quality of work is stellar and his efficiency levels are off the charts. He truly excels in his work, and we’re so lucky to have Bryan as a Mod. He is fantastic.”
— Colin K., Project Manager

“Bryan’s always on top of things and is never afraid to share feedback and suggestions for improvement. Add to that his focus on maintaining such a strong work ethic, and he’s definitely a Mod you’d be fortunate to have on your project.”
— Rachael M., Assistant Project Manager

“Bryan is eagle-eyed and his attention to detail is incomparable. He always asks the right questions, and he takes on feedback like the pro he is.”
— Reed K., Assistant Project Manager

To wrap things up, we ran a few fun questions by Bryan.

Would you want a pet dragon or a pet dinosaur?
Neither. Sounds expensive to feed!

What Disney princess would make the best spy?
Princess Leia.

What is your most favorite meme?
Anything Gordon Ramsay!

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