Mod of the Month – January 2023


It is rare that we have two events to celebrate at once, but that’s the case with our most recent Mod of the Month! Not only are we celebrating Fernando V. for his achievements, but also for a very special work-iversary. This January marks two years of working at ModSquad for Fernando!

And what’s an anniversary without a story of how it began? 

Before applying at ModSquad, Fernando worked at an internet service provider company, doing sales, customer service, and more. The skills he learned there would prepare him for his role here at ModSquad. 

On the advice of a friend, he applied to ModSquad, and he quickly found a place among the best of the best. From the very start, he found himself right at home. “I loved training, I got to know everyone, we all had a great time and learned super quickly.”

Fernando truly adores ModSquad’s community. People aren’t isolated to tiny boxes, they’re encouraged to communicate, work together, and grow as a team. This is especially true with managers, who welcome questions and help with any problems that might arise. 

Working in customer support, there’s a need for that communication and openness. Luckily, in addition to an amazing team, Fernando himself has a knack for going the extra mile to help. “I am a very detail oriented person and love getting to the bottom of any issues customers might have.”

Working from home wouldn’t mean much without talk of home! Fernando lives in Mexico, with two friends and their very orange cat, Felipe. 

In his free time, Fernando enjoys traveling across Mexico, film photography, and music on vinyl records. He credits the ability to travel to ModSquad’s flexibility. “I love how ModSquad has allowed me to move to a different city and get to know other cultures within my country,” he explains, “also by traveling and working remotely I have met people from other countries as well”.

A few of Fernando’s colleagues have come to celebrate him. Their kind words are the perfect gift for this work-iversary. 

Fernando is an excellent Mod who is dedicated and driven. Feedback from the client regarding his performance has been amazing. He always goes above and beyond to provide exceptional customer service. – Seamus C.

Fernando has worked on our project for over a year and a half and is amazing! He gives it his all every shift from quality to productivity and really sets the standard for what it means to be an exemplary Mod. I really look forward to continuing to work with him, I know he’ll achieve great things at ModSquad! – Christina Q.

Having worked with Fernando for a while day in and day out, he is a great choice for MOTM.  – Mark B.

Fernando is setting the bar for performance for other Mods giving 150% at all times. Knowledgeable and reliable are just two reasons why he is an excellent honoree. – Charity F.

When I worked with Fernando he was one of the top performers on the team and looks like that is still the case. – Mark C.

Fernando has been on a CS project with me for nearly two years now and he is one of the best Mods that I’ve worked with. He consistently hits 100% on QA and his productivity is next level! He is a true master of workflows and deserves this great recognition. – Cal B.

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