Mod of the Month — January 2021


We have many incredible Mods here at ModSquad. So it’s quite rare for a Mod to earn the coveted Mod of the Month title more than once. But that’s exactly what our January honoree has done, with this being her second time in the spotlight. We’re proud to announce that Romina P. is the January Mod of the Month!

Romina has worked on many projects over the years, supporting clients including video game publishers, streaming services, and even an airport! “There’s never a dull day here,” she says. “ModSquad opens the door to some of the most renowned and incredible clients.” Romina is in high demand by ModSquad’s managers, who are well aware of her exceptional skills in community management, social engagement, moderation, translation, and customer support. That’s some list — this is clearly someone who works hard!

It comes as no surprise, really, when you consider just how long this veteran Mod (who calls this her “dream job”) has been a member of our community. Since 2014, Romina has graced ModSquad with not just her work talents, but with her bright personality and her knack for turning those she works with into friends. For newer Mods in particular, Romina is a guiding light ready to help answer questions and ensure everyone feels welcomed and supported. She’s beyond thrilled to be named Mod of the Month. “Receiving this recognition is the best acknowledgment you can get,” she says. “For me, it’s proof of what ‘loving what you do’ can mean.”

Taking part in social media and the communities that they foster is at the heart of what Romina loves most about ModSquad. “My heart belongs to the social community in every aspect of it. In our everyday lives, we see how social media helps us find friends, connect to others, and share passions and interests. Here at ModSquad, we see how social can help create a solid brand identity for companies and bring people together. In these challenging times, when online communication has become a vital resource, I’m particularly happy to be working on such a useful tool.”

The last time we had the pleasure of writing about Romina, she was engaged to a fellow Mod named Guillermo. Now, checking in more than four years later, we’re happy to report that Romina and Guillermo are happily married — and both still crushing it for ModSquad. As Romina says, “Nothing better than doing what you love with your soulmate.”

In fact, not only does Romina’s husband work with ModSquad, so does her sister Claudia! We couldn’t be happier to have each of them as a member of our squad.

And no discussion of Romina’s family would be complete without mentioning her menagerie of pets, made up of five cats and two dogs. But that’s not all, as Romina extends her love of animals beyond her home, caring for feral cats in her community. She explains: “I created a rescue group for cats four months ago and we’ve already found homes for more than 40 cats. I’m pleased to say that I’ve applied my community manager skills to my own small community of cat lovers. We share useful information in order to save and give better lives to local cats and kittens.”

We could go on about Romina’s achievements, but instead we’ll let those who have worked with Romina take the floor. Here’s what her colleagues have to say about her.

“Romina is easily one of the most positive people I’ve had the pleasure of working with, and no request is too big of an ask. She’s also very popular with our client, which isn’t surprising, given the standard of work that she produces.”
— Shane B., Project Manager

“When taking over a project from another Account Manager, Romina was the first to welcome me, and is the first to answer questions from other team members. Our project wouldn’t have been the same without her.”
— Kimberly M., Project Manager

“I’ve had the pleasure of working with Romina on several projects. Her attention to detail is amazing, but what really makes her stand out is her incredible dedication to each and every project she works on. If there’s anything the client needs to be made aware of, Romina is there. If a fellow Mod has a question, Romina is there. She is a huge asset to ModSquad.”
— Teresa M., Project Manager

“Romina is an awesome Mod. I worked with her on a project for about five years. She is very committed, is always on top of everything, and is reliable.”
— Charlotte B., Management Consultant

To wrap things up, we asked Romina to play a round of Rapid Fire Questions.

Favorite movie: Impossible to choose only one. All-time favorites will be The Lord of the Rings trilogy and, more recently, Green Book.

Favorite TV show: I love Better Call Saul and The Mandalorian.

Favorite book: Bram Stoker’s Dracula

Favorite musical artist or group: Rock God David Bowie.

Go-to motivation song: “Heroes” by David Bowie.

Other interesting job you’ve held: My first job was at a record store when I was only 19 years old. I love music, so my paycheck pretty much went to buying CDs.

Other favorite hobbies: I love gardening and everything related to plants. I have my own garden where I grow tomatoes, lettuce, basil, squash, arugula, and many herbs. This is directly connected to my passion for cooking and particularly using my own garden wonders, which brings a totally different meaning to “homemade food.”

Using only emojis, how would you describe working for ModSquad? 

We couldn’t have said it better ourselves!

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