Mod of the Month – October 2015


Every month we get to shine a light on one of our fantastic team members. It’s always a delight to get to brag (ahem) share a bit about them. This month, we’re please to give our congratulations to Rhonda D., our newest Mod of the Month for October!

Rhonda has been with us for five years now, and was brought on board by Jason Ferguson. They had worked together previously at another community company, and Jason believed her to be a great fit with some serious talent. In April of 2010, Jason reached out to Rhonda via Skype, and the rest is history.

Prior to Metaverse Mod Squad, Rhonda had her first moderation position in 2005, working within the AOL community. After that, she was a moderator for Virtual Magic Kingdom (VMK), Xeko, and Pandanda in the past.  Additionally, Rhonda and her husband have owned a freight forwarding business for many years, which helped her develop and hone her customer service experience.

It is a very competitive business and without good service, you have nothing.

Currently, Rhonda is a touted member of our shared services customer services team, where she works on upwards of 18 amazing clients. As a member of our shared services team, she is among many of our elite – the service demands the strongest and most experienced in the customer service discipline. And although Rhonda excels in customer service, she maintains that her heart is still (and always will be) in community moderation.

Rhonda is dedicated, compassionate, and she has a great sense of humor (which we see as a “must have” trait more and more with our mods). As a crafty lady, Pinterest has become a very unhealthy addiction in her opinion (we reject the idea of “unhealthy” addition, and see this more as another asset of hers – community passion for a strong platform).  Dreaming, scheming, and engaging in numerous crafty projects around the house is a stress outlet for her.

Rhonda loves football, and is active in the “homegating” activity every Saturday (NC State College) and Sunday (Pittsburg Steelers). She is also a big reader, and enjoys nights sitting around her family’s fire pit listening to music.

Here are some of the wonderful things her colleagues have to say about her:

Rhonda has been with Shared since the start and is the quiet force that holds down the fort during the wee hours – and any Project Manager that has a 24-hour project knows is absolutely invaluable. She helps out team members – both old and new – answering any questions they might have, sharing best practices, and she lets me know if she sees something that needs attention before it becomes a problem. She helps me troubleshoot new procedures and makes suggestions to streamline processes. She’s a problem solver, rather than a problem. Everyone should have a Rhonda – but you have to get your own, this one is mine!
– Crystal Litzau, Project Manager

Shared Services is a demanding gig, and we need the best on that team to make sure it’s steaming ahead at top notch quality. And the fact that Rhonda is pulling the midnight shift, one of the toughest time periods? She’s quite the power house. She delivers high quality work, carries the highest of standards, and does so with the best attitude – not just in her work, but in her communication with those around her (from customers to peers and onward).
– Izzy Neis, Director of Strategy & Engagement

[When I was Project Manager] Rhonda had been with my project since April 2010. She is and was diligent in her reporting, works hard during her shifts, and is someone I can count on to cover open shifts whenever she can, which I really appreciate!
– Misty Hammett, Payroll Administrator

Rhonda is awesome! She is a perfect example of what a mod should be. Knowledgeable about her project, prompt, and always ready to lend a helping hand to her fellow mods.
– Suzie Owen, Assistant Project Manager

One of the things that we love about our Mods is how they love to help each other.  Rhonda has been nominated multiple times as MotM and her willingness to help the other mods on her projects is always from and center in her nomination.  Our business is helping our clients optimize their business, and the best way we can do that is by foreseeing and eliminating issues before they are apparent to them.  Rhonda does this both for her own tasks and helps her coworkers in doing the same.  Which is Awesome!
– Lucien Parsons, Head of Services

We’re so proud to have you as a vital part of our team, Rhonda. Congratulations, and thank you for all the hard work. Keep it up!

Izzy Neis
Director of Strategy & Engagement

Jason Ferguson
Director of Client Services