Mod of the Month – March 2016


April is a day away, spring has sprung, and it’s time to announce our newest Mod of the Month. We’re very honored to announce Rabbit K. as the March 2016 inductee to the Mod of the Month Hall of Fame!

904014_4504749212240_1774604099_oAnd it’s quite appropriate too, as April marks Rabbit’s two-year anniversary. She started with us in 2014. She was referred to us by her friend Cindy Peloquin, who happens to be a fellow ModSquad Mod.

Rabbit has been an essential customer service team member for our client MoviePass, and serves those same duties for a newer fashion-focused client. While she’s equally comfortable in all customer- and community-centered disciplines at ModSquad, phone support is where she really shines.

Before coming to us at ModSquad, the majority of Rabbit’s experience was in community outreach and in-person customer support. It was not until she was trained at ModSquad that she found her strength in online and phone-based support (she knocked our socks off with her strength and compassion).

20151127_170334 (1)To put it in Rabbit’s own creative descriptions (emphasis on creative), Rabbit shows wonderfully high levels of sanguineness, tentativity, and teamsmanship. She truly loves life and finds ways to make everything bright and unexpected (in the best sense). Rabbit is a naturalist at heart, with a background education in biology and animal husbandry. Her spare time is spent lovingly tending to her little in-home menagerie.

At ModSquad, she really stresses the importance of communication and camaraderie with her teammates and managers, and thorough communication with clients and customers. To Rabbit, providing clear and concise information to a customer is as necessary as swiftly addressing inquiries and issues.

By effectively communicating on all fronts, we can ensure we’re providing the best experiences for our clients and customers. — Rabbit K.

Rabbit also enjoys helping to build resource documents and finding new ways to streamline processes for the best and most efficient customer experiences — making our involvement in that interaction a highlight, instead of a hassle.

When Rabbit first started at ModSquad, she pulled late-night hours at the office. Her favorite ModSquad memory dates from her first year, when a mild earthquake hit the Sacramento office in the wee hours of the morning. Being a California native, the lightly rolling floor and the swinging lights didn’t phase her too much, but some of her coworkers were not as experienced. Once the fear subsided, she watched as lively phone calls were made to friends and family. Adrenaline really spiced up the collaborative work environment that morning!

Rabbit is adored by many of her coworkers and managers here at ModSquad. Her thoughtfulness, hard work, and dedication to improvement on projects really makes her a prime example of a hardworking and well-respected Mod!

I’ve worked with Rabbit on more than one project, and she always offers phenomenal QA. When I have extra tasks that need to get done, she always steps up and takes them on for me. She has also been really vocal and helpful with new agents to help them whenever they have any questions. Rabbit is also super flexible whenever I need to make adjustments to the schedule to help with coverage. Always pleasant to work with!
— Shawna Neilsen, Project Manager

Rabbit is a happy, quirky little force of nature. Rabbit has got that cool-headed thing down cold and is virtually un-ruffle-able. I’ve heard her handle the most inappropriate comments from a customer on a call and not even skip a beat. She has a wonderful attitude and a strong work ethic. She’s not afraid to ask questions until she has everything right, and once she’s got it down, she dives right into helping out others.
— Crystal Litzau, Project Manager

Rabbit! She is a super Mod! She’s one of the most reliable, dependable, and capable Mods I’ve had on a project.
— Cathy Brown-Mort, Project Manager

I hired Rabbit for my Office project a few years ago and she was always one of the top performers. Her work ensured that we maintained high quality even during chaotic moments on the project.
— Josh Hagood, Project Manager

Rabbit kicked butt back when she was with shared services, and she is still keeping up that work ethic.
— Jay Biros, Account Manager

Rabbit, you’re a force of nature — in name, excellence, and hard work! We’re very honored to have you as a part of the ModSquad team. Thank you!

Izzy Neis
Director of Strategy & Engagement

Jason Ferguson
Director of Client Services