Mod of the Month – January 2016


January has come and almost gone, and we are so happy to bring to you our FIRST Mod of the Month for 2016! Ladies and gentlemen, please meet the hard-working, well-respected, Larissa H!


Larissa has been with us since May of 2013.  She was introduced to ModSquad by several EU project managers she was already in acquaintance with. Since that time she has been one of our strongest bilingual moderators for several projects, with most of her time spent on a popular children’s online game covering the Portuguese community.

As a resilient, hard-working Mod, Larissa is always keen to share her insights and provide valuable feedback. And while she’s fantastic in customer support, she really shines in community and moderation. Larissa enjoys connecting and educating players about the game, game’s features, and future updates. As she says, “I find it very rewarding.”

Born and raised in São Paulo, Brazil, Larissa moved to Chicago about a decade ago. Larissa has quite the tenure in digital services. In the past, she has tutored ESL students, and she has worked in various leadership positions in customer support and retail. She enjoys educating and helping others.

My favorite part of working at ModSquad is the art of building positive brand relationships and connecting with the community of passionate gamers.

Outside of ModSquad, Larissa loves travel, particularly train trips. “I hope one day to ride most of the Amtrak lines throughout the country.” She also enjoys store front/community theaters. “I appreciate the small theater companies in their accessibility – opening up to local writers, actor/actresses and in connecting with their local communities.”

My favorite thing about Modsquad is the inspiring people I meet along the way. The kindness, resourcefulness and leadership of the people that I meet at Modsquad have been a great inspiration to me.

We are so grateful to have mods like Larissa who are passionate about community, our clients, and the work. Here are some of the great thoughts shared by her colleagues:

She does an INSANE amount of work with near (if not completely) perfect accuracy. She is diligent and stays ahead of the game, often submitting a translation of a post before I even request it. She communicates well with the Portuguese community and is overall a joy to have on our team. We need many, many more Larissa-clones around!
Katie Carson, Community Manager / Assistant Project Manager

Larissa did fantastic work with our client, was very communicative, diligent and often the only source of contact for an international division that had a LARGE amount of volume. She did everything from CS support and callbacks to translation and troubleshooting. She is a rockstar!
– Kelly Clendenning, Project Manager

I’m proud to say that I interviewed her for one of my biggest projects and brought her in. I’m sure my PM’s had a lot to do with it as well, but I’m going to also take some ownership (lol). Larissa is a fantastic Mod, and she cares. Due to the brand we’re supporting, we need a lot of mods who are deep content experts, willing to go above and beyond for the client – and Larissa is a prime example of the team. Very happy to see Larissa take the title this month – great job, girl!
– Izzy Neis, Director of Engagement & Strategy

Larissa does an amazing amount of work during her shifts – I am SO impressed by her efficiency. In addition to handling Portuguese work on our project, she is always helping the English mods, offering advice, and bringing a general sense of enthusiasm to the project. She is an unsung hero and absolutely deserves Mod of the Month. 🙂
– Gen Hopwood, Project Manager

I have worked with Larissa for close to a year now, and she is the model mod.  I wish everyone was as reliable as she is. The only thing I have ever had to coach her on is trying to work after her shift is supposed to end, as she is always trying to get more done.  Her attendance is flawless. It is rare for her not to get a perfect weekly QA score, and she has a great work ethic. She is so dependable that I think we some times take her for granted, as she just gets the work done without needing any oversight. She absolutely deserves this kind of recognition.
– Rob Simpson, Project Manager

Thank you for all of your hard work, Larissa!

Izzy Neis
Director of Engagement & Strategy

Jason Ferguson
Director of Client Services