Mod of the Month – February 2015


Join us in congratulating our Mod of the Month for February: Lara G!

unnamed-3Lara is one of our fantastic bilingual mods, hailing from the beautiful city of Torino, Italy (which you may remember from the 2006 Winter Olympics).  She has been with us since July 2013, and was referred to us by a friend.  Strangely, it took her a long time to buck up the courage to actually apply, as she thought she wouldn’t be hired.  Nevertheless, she did apply and we’re so happy to have her.

Lara is always concerned with attention to detail (although, she believes she’s a little too committed and attentive to details – which we think is a great trait in a mod).  Lara loves to make people smile, and loves playing with languages.

Her favorite part of working at Metaverse Mod Squad is community management, and engaging with communities.  Whether it is crunch time, or a launch, being there 110% for a community is her goal.  In her own words: “My most memorable moment was a 12-hour-long marathon during the launch of a new game. We were all exhausted by the end of the day, but it was so rewarding: never been happier in my life!”

In addition to [Lara’s] regular mod responsibilities she has a great eye, and picks up trends which could become issues and reports them to the appropriate point of contact. This is exactly what our client is looking for in a mod and she exceeds expectations on a regular basis. She also repeatedly noticed potential mistakes in pre-formulated content from the client before it went public, saving everyone involved a lot of stress. Her friendly and humorous nature is always appreciated in our team chat.
– Bastian Sandfuchs

Lara is an outstanding mod, always willing to give a hand where needed and her reports are already spot on and on time. She has excellent communication skills and is an asset to my team.
– Kelly Ammann

Lara works for me on one of my projects and always steps up. She asks good and appropriate questions, and then implements the answers. She is flexible when any changes need to be made, and adapts them quickly and without complaint. Lara always has an upbeat, fun and welcoming personality. And she loves her job.
– Yvonne Z.

Aside from her work as a Mod, Lara is always ready and willing to volunteer and write blog posts for us. Her posts are always heartfelt, thoughtful, and are a fantastic representation of what makes our Mods great.
– Izzy Neis

Congratulations, Lara!  We’re so thankful you’re on the team.

Izzy Neis
Director of Strategy & Engagement

Jason Ferguson
Director of Client Services