Mod of the Month — February 2021


Here at ModSquad we love singing the praises of our best and brightest. And we have quite the song to sing today about our latest Mod of the Month! She’s passionate. She cares about Mod culture. She’s an inspiring presence on any project she’s a part of. This February, we’re pleased to introduce you to the incredible Gina H.

For those familiar with ModSquad blogs, you may already recognize Gina’s name. From blogs about crafts and hobbies to self-care tips to stories of what we love, Gina’s shared examples of her many interests over the six years she’s been with the company.

In addition to being “Mod Blog famous” (a very cool type of fame, we must say), Gina’s also a superstar in the eyes of her managers. She takes the stage on projects as a multi-talented dynamo capable of excellence in any of her tasks. The secret to her success? A legitimate passion for everything she does. Her long list of abilities includes moderation, customer support, translation, and proofreading. Every single assignment is important to her, though she emphasizes the importance of caring for customers. 

“I believe that I excel the most in customer support and engagement,” explains Gina, “because I’m good at paying attention to detail. This is an important attribute, one that’s needed in order to be helpful, to deliver excellent service to our clients, and to make their customers feel respected.” She’s equally enthusiastic about her moderation assignments. “The internet is part of our daily lives, and I like to help people to live in a world that’s safe and enjoyable.”

It’s not all work and no play for Gina, though! As readers of the articles referenced above may recall, Gina has a wide range of passions when off the clock. On any given day you might find Gina enjoying music or art, knitting, or reading, either in her homeland of Germany (where she spends most of the year) or in England, where her husband’s from. She describes herself as someone with a passion for learning, one who soaks up new skills like a sponge.

Gina doesn’t just settle for self-improvement, though. She uses her newfound knowledge and abilities to help others. From the start of her 20-year career, Gina has always focused on helping others, whether as part of her paying jobs or with the volunteer work she does. Take her knitting, for example; this pastime of Gina’s has become invaluable to the homeless in her community, as she creates blankets and clothes to help people in need stay warm and safe. She also works as a spiritual counselor at a Munich hospital, where she tends to people with life-threatening illnesses.

But that’s enough of us telling you about Gina’s great qualities; some of her colleagues would also like to share a word or two about her awesomeness: 

“Gina always does a great job and always goes above and beyond to help others. She’s a team player and has a terrific attitude. Gina would be a great asset for any project.”
— Christopher C., Project Manager

“Gina shows true commitment to her role, and focuses on the best interest of our clients. She is a very loyal Mod. She makes it her job to ensure that the client’s customers are kept in good hands, and has been an absolute godsend from the get-go. Gina is definitely deserving of recognition for the effort she puts in daily.”
— Shane B., Project Manager

“I’m working with Gina on two projects, and she’s awesome! She asks good questions and pushes the project forward. I love to work with her!”
— Charlotte B., Project Manager

“Gina is a bilingual Mod who always provides top notch service in whatever she does. She is reliable and steps up whenever help is needed. I can’t praise her enough! And she owes me a bowl of her famous potato salad next time I’m in Germany!”
— Matea M., Project Manager

“I’ve worked with Gina on several projects and she is always passionate about her work; her quality is always above expectations. Go Gina!”
— Anna V., Project Manager

Finally, from time to time we like to get to know our Mods of the Month through a little game of This or That.

Iced Coffee or Hot Coffee?
Neither! I really, really dislike coffee. I’ve tried it once in my life — about 30 years ago — and never had any since. The taste is not my thing at all.

TV or book?

Morning or evening?
Morning, except on holidays.

City or countryside?

Winter or summer?

Breakfast or dinner?

Comedy or drama?

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