Mod of the Month – February 2016


Happy first day of March!  And while February seemed to fly by, we’re so happy to introduce the most recent addition to our celebrated Mods of the Month team… the wonderful Talia G!

angieandIsouthernshowTalia started with ModSquad in October 2012, and is proud to have surpassed her third year with the team.

ModSquad came to Talia’s attention in a rather interesting way. She had moved to North Carolina with a job transfer for her husband, and within six months the company eliminated his position. To make matters worse, her son was having difficulty at school with bullying.

At the time, Talia was a member of the Charlotte Mommies online community. After sharing her predicament with the group another mother introduced her to ModSquad, and subsequently recommended her to our teams. After a few important conversations with key members of our team, Talia was deemed a perfect fit.

The kindness of someone I had never met in real life shows there are still good kind hearted people out there. ModSquad still remains a blessing to our family.

Talia is trustworthy, compassionate, and eager. She has become an important member of many teams and projects. Aside from her presence on our celebrated scan team, Talia has worked with PBS, Harper Collins, Linden Lab, and many others. And while she loves providing great customer service (“Customer support is the the number one priority. I used to tell my staff a happy customer is a return customer and that is what we want!”), she flourishes in community management and moderation.

As for her personal time, Talia enjoys the challenge and gamification of couponing.

I am that person with the coupon binder. My favorite buy with coupons happened the day my daughter and I found a very expensive brand-name comforter. With a combination of coupons, store credits, and clearance options that $120.00 comforter came home with us for a grand total of $12.93. I had one happy daughter who posted that all over social media! 🙂

disneyepcotfamilyShe’s also a big Disney buff, and is excited about vacations to the good ole “happiest place on earth” Disney World. But even with Disney and couponing adventures, she (above and beyond) adores being with her family – the time she spends with them is beyond priceless as her husband has a rare terminal cancer called Myelofibrosis.

Talia is selfless, hardworking, and a great representation of our company’s heart. 

Talia does something magical everyday. She is one of the most dependable mods I have ever worked with. What I really appreciate about her, is when she is unsure about anything, she asks rather than make even a small error. Talia is always willing to help out another mod with questions they may have, and is proactive with new mods, often letting them know that she is available should they have questions about any project.
– Theresa Moore, Project Manager

I absolutely love Talia!!  Dependable, hard working, dedicated. The best of the best. She is everything and more!
– Nicole Mohr, Project Manager

Talia keeps providing top quality work, even though she’s been going through terrible things in her personal life. She’s always worried when she needs to take time off to go to the hospital no matter how many times I tell her that her family is more important!
– Josh Hagood, Project Manager

Talia has worked on a few projects of mine in the past and was always a stellar mod in every way. She is a mod that I would like to clone.
– Cathy Brown-Mort, Project Manager

Talia reliable, savvy, does the work the way we ask for it to be done. Talia rocks!
Susie South, Chief Moderator

Talia, you are a champ! Thank you for all that you do. We’re so glad to have you on the team.

Izzy Neis
Director of Engagement & Strategy

Jason Ferguson
Director of Client Services