Mod of the Month – December 2022


This December, we are ditching the coats and cold weather for a warm oasis! Our latest Mod of the Month takes us, digitally speaking, to sunny Brazil. There we meet with Lisia H., a customer service agent with a ton of personality, and a love for travel and comics.

She began her work as a moderator and later expanded into customer service. It was love at first reply! Lisia describes finding joy in the little things. “It’s all about helping customers and seeing their genuine gratitude through their words.” She explains, “I have at least 10 customers that I remember by name and feel like I would love to have them as friends.”

It’s not just customers who Lisia feels connected to, it’s also her team. She thinks the best part of ModSquad is the people, and values how those people are celebrated. “It’s the fact that ModSquad takes time to celebrate the people who work here. I feel welcome and appreciated, and that makes a total difference!”

Speaking of appreciation, a few of Lisia’s colleagues would like to share their kudos. 

“Both Lisia’s QA and productivity are amazing every single week! She’s consistently going above and beyond. She’s friendly, approachable and always helping out. We’d be lost without her!” – Christina Q.

“Lisia is a rock solid Mod with a fantastic work ethic.”  – Aaron B.

“She’s super productive, hard working, and her QA is the easiest to perform because of how perfect it is most of the time!” – Ivo L.

“Lisia gives it her all every shift from quality, to productivity, and really sets the standard for what it means to be an exemplary Mod. I look forward to continuing to work with her and seeing what great things she will achieve at ModSquad.” – Cal B.

Now that’s what we call celebrating our Mods!

Off the clock, Lisia has a vibrant life outside of ModSquad. She loves to travel; from her home in Brazil, she’s traveled to both Canada and America, and has a soft spot for Orlando, Florida. 

She also travels to participate in another passion of hers, cosplay conventions. A die-hard Marvel girl, she’s created costumes for Ms. Marvel and Jean Grey. Occasionally, though, she’s been known to dress up as DC’s Harley Quinn. 

Whether at home, abroad, or at ModSquad, Lisia brings the fun wherever she goes.

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