Mod of the Month — December 2019


When it comes to representing our clients to their customers via phone, email, chat, social media, or any other support channel, it takes a certain skill set to deliver the outstanding quality for which our Mods of the Month are known. It takes savvy. It takes empathy. It takes… finesse!

So what could be more appropriate than closing out 2019 with a Mod of the Month whose name highlights one of those very skills? Nothing. That’s why we’re excited to present to you this month’s featured Mod, Finesse H.!

Finesse has been part of our Squad for four years now and continues to crush it every day. Before coming to ModSquad, she worked as an account manager for a big (really big) tech company, which gave her plenty of experience in customer support and in working in a virtual setting. The mother of two young children, Finesse was looking for a way to manage her work-life balance so she could continue homeschooling her kids. ModSquad was the perfect fit for her, allowing her to flourish both at home and at work.

With additional experience as a freelancer on community management and social media assignments for various clients, Finesse certainly has the skills. She’s worked for some of ModSquad’s major clients, providing customer and tech support and social media moderation. As she works with customers, Finesse’s genuine empathy shines through.

“I have a question that I always ask myself: ‘What would I want if I were this customer?’ The people who reach out count on us for service and support. I don’t believe in treating people like numbers or accounts. I have a genuine interest in helping people.”

For Finesse, the people of ModSquad are what sets the company apart. 

“I like the atmosphere. You get to work with some great people all around. It’s also challenging and anything but redundant.”

When she’s not providing stellar support, Finesse is all about her family. Married for 12 years, she and her husband have a 10-year-old son and an 8-year-old daughter, and she loves spending time with her mother and siblings. And, lest we forget, there’s Leo the leopard gecko and Shuri the hamster to round things out on the homefront.

Finesse unwinds with a hobby that might stress out others. She’s a big fan of horror movies from the 70s through today, and she’s seen them all. In addition to grooving on A Nightmare on Elm Street and Stranger Things, she collects horror-film memorabilia. Apart from many Funko Pop figurines, her fave collectible is her Chucky doll. “Yes, that Chucky,” she laughs.

What’s not horrific are the amazing compliments Finesse gets from her colleagues. They jumped at the chance to offer their accolades to our latest Mod of the Month:

“Finesse has been absolutely amazing on every project I’ve ever had with her. The client loves her work and so do I. She does an amazing job troubleshooting. I cannot recommend her highly enough. I wish everyone could have her on their projects, but I’m exceedingly glad I have her for as many hours as I do.”
— Kristina Bell, Project Manager

“I have worked with Finesse on several projects and just brought her on to two more. She picks up on things very quickly! She’s reliable, flexible, and an overall pleasure to work with!”
— Kristi Martin, Project Manager

“Finesse does amazing work; she’s an example for other Mods. She’s always willing to jump in and help where needed.”
— Jay Averill, Account Manager