Mod of the Month — August 2020


Customer service is first and foremost about people. At ModSquad, we’re fortunate to have great people with a genuine desire to help others. Our August Mod of the Month has been providing superior customer support for the last three years, earning her the respect and trust of her peers and client. The quality of her output has been so strong that one of her fellow Mods described her as having super-human reliability. For this reason and more, we’re excited to introduce our August Mod of the Month, Christina Q.

Christina started with ModSquad while she attended university in Northern Ireland. She said that the original plan was to move on after she earned her degree, but she quickly realized that ModSquad was where she belonged. Of all the services offered by ModSquad, Christina says she prefers customer support: “I like helping people and making their day a little bit better.”

The project that Christina currently works on involves an app that educators, students, and parents use as a replacement for paper textbooks. As many schools reopen, the surge in app usage has led to increased support requests, which Christina embraces. It gives her more chances to shine as she helps users who are unfamiliar with the app learn how to use it and to understand its features.

“Part of my job is to share best practices with customers,” explains Christina. ”I walk people through the app’s features. I like to make sure they fully understand it, so they don’t have to call back.” To do this, she studies the product as though she’s preparing for a quiz. “I read all the updates. I use the app for testing so that I have the knowledge I need to help everybody.” Christina feels that a customer service representative should know as much as possible about the product, to be best prepared for callers’ questions. 

One memorable experience for Christina was when she took a call from a visually-impaired customer who was having a hard time with the product. Christina had to adapt her support style, being cognizant of how she guided the customer through the app. At first, the customer was ready to give up, but Christina assured him that she was committed to providing the help he needed. By the end of the call, the customer told Christina how very happy and grateful he was that she ensured he had a solid understanding of the app’s functions.

On her days off, Christina enjoys fishing with her boyfriend. Although she admits she’s only caught two fish in two years, she finds joy in the serene settings that Northern Ireland offers. When it comes to geek culture, she prefers The Lord of the Rings to Star Wars and Star Trek. She’s not picky about her music, as long as it sounds good. For good television viewing, Christina recommends Money Heist on Netflix (in the original Spanish, with subtitles). She’s not a big gamer, but she used to play World of Warcraft quite a lot.

Because she’s our August Mod of the Month, we figured we’d ask her to play This or That: Summer Edition!

Sunscreen or tanning oil?
Tanning oil!

Beach or camping?
Beach — it’s my favorite place to be.

Pool or ocean?
Pool, so I can stand up.

Collect seashells, rocks, or stamps?
Seashells. I’m sentimental, so I like to collect random things as souvenirs.

Watermelon, potato chips, or popsicles?

Sunny days or summer storms?
Sunny days. We get too many storms in Ireland.

Summer festivals or small gatherings?

After talking to Christina, it’s easy to see why she’s been named our August Mod of the Month. She carries herself with the right blend of assured professionalism and warm personality, a necessary mix to provide high-quality customer service. Her peers feel the same way, as they describe Christina in their own words.

“Not many people can solve as many tickets as Christina. We are really lucky to have her on this project.”
— Mark C., Project Manager

“Christina has truly been a strong Mod for some time now. The trust the client puts in her says it all.”
— Robert R., Assistant Project Manager

“The client has regularly set the benchmark for excellence on tasks as being at ‘a rate that comes close to Christina’s productivity levels.’ This reinforces what we all know: If you’re as capable as Christina, then you’re outstanding!”
— Joseph M., Project Manager

“I can honestly say I’ve never seen a Mod with such a high level of productivity with no impact at all on quality. I’ve heard her referred to from different people as ‘an absolute machine.’”
— Shane B., Project Manager