Mod of the Month – August 2017


August has come to a close, and while some in the Northern Hemisphere may lament the end of summer, we at ModSquad know the end of the month is always an exciting time. Why? Because it’s when we celebrate our newest Mod of the Month! This month, we’re pleased to introduce customer support Mod extraordinaire Shaena W.

Shaena joined ModSquad a little over a year ago and has quickly become an invaluable asset to the various projects she works on. Not only is Shaena hardworking and ambitious (just ask any of her project  managers), she is also passionate about ModSquad’s overall mission, which is what drew her to us in the first place.

I felt inspired by ModSquad’s drive to uniquely tailor customer service to each individual client. It was a new concept for me and an exciting one. I had to be a part of it!

Shaena currently works with a number of our clients, providing customer support and moderation. For one client, she assists the visually impaired, providing phone support on their accessibility line. For another, she moderates art projects submitted by online community members, in order to ensure they align with our client’s terms of use. And as if those don’t keep her busy enough, as a member of our Scan Team, Shaena moderates various community forums to ensure safe and welcoming digital environments.

Prior to joining ModSquad, Shaena worked for the Home Shopping Network and provided customer service in a high-volume call center. She loves to stay busy and doesn’t shy away from challenges, both of which allow her to excel in customer support.

I love helping people, solving problems, and the challenge of making a potentially unhappy person happy again!

In her spare time, Shaena loves spending time with her family, especially her two children. Among her many hobbies are arts and crafts, playing the violin, cooking and baking, and reading. Clearly it’s not just at work that Shaena keeps herself busy!

For Shaena, being Mod of the Month is an achievement she’s proud to have unlocked.

When I first started with ModSquad, one of my teammates was selected as Mod of the Month. I remember thinking how much I wanted to be Mod of the Month someday.

Shaena isn’t the only one who’s happy her time as Mod of the Month has arrived; the project managers who’ve worked with her over the past year have seemingly endless praise for her and are thrilled to see her recognized.

“Shaena joined the Scan Team and has rocked the socks off of that project right from the beginning. She’s quick to learn and dependable. I was so impressed with her that I asked her to join another project of mine. She jumps right in and gets the job done every time!”
—Teresa Moore, Project Manager

“I have Shaena on two of my projects and she is fantastic! On one of my projects she has stepped up and taken shifts that aren’t the easiest to fill. She is an all-around awesome Mod!”
—Suzie Owen, Project Manager

“Shaena learns quickly and is excellent at taking direction. She is always eager to pick up shifts and help out the team to ensure everything runs smoothly. She consistently has high QA scores. The service she provides on the Scan Team for other PMs and clients is superb!”
—Sarah Christian, Assistant Project Manager